• 24th May 2024

How to Prepare For a Hackathon and Win It

The term hackathon is defined as such an event where those individuals with dreamy eyes meet and then left with the red-eyes. It’s only one night race where individuals meet at a point to generate some great things that they assume they will produce billions. Well, apart from jokes, the hackathon is an event or competition where the members of the team or the individuals generate hardware or software in just one night i.e. 24 hours. Hackathons own a theme which ranges from some general things such as enhancing the community to the precise themes just like to solve some particular problems of the delivery which are facing by company.

Few of the hackathons are close, which is only directed for team members of the company, whereas some of these are open for everyone. The emphasis of few of the hackathons is on the cost-effectiveness of implementation and idea, as well as teams that win the sponsorships from different financiers, while some of them only focusing on the thoughts and ideas of candidates. To sum up, a hackathon is considered as a Disneyland of the developer.

Prepare and Win It – Hackathon!

Determine to Goal First

It is the most important thing before applying to hackathons. It is suggested that as soon as you start anything, it is quite essential to set up the goals for yourself. Give thought to you by considering the facts to take part. Are you ready to give a try to some more skills? Make an application with the A-P-I which you have never worked previously? Come to know the fact regarding your presence here and also very clear regarding such goals so in that case, you would be able to accomplish them.

Research the Topic and Theme before Going

In most of the cases, there’ll be few topics or set of theme for the hackathon. Let suppose, there is a topic which might be related to music or else get subsidized by a certain organization. If a person’s only goal is to get achievement, then do some research? Keep studying the subsidizing organization’s A-P-I and get ready with a framework that is previously coded.

Assemble Your Squad

As soon as you have set your desired goals and also done with the research work, then another phase is to generate a team. If you would come in hackathon along with a bunch of individuals with whom you want to work, this type of understanding would provide you with an advantage as compared to other team members for the most initial time.

Hype-up Audience

If you are going to attend a hackathon like a non-tech individual, your power of interest and enthusiasm is the actual thing that drives the team across the twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Also, after setting down all things the whole presentation is the main thing to enhance your score and in case you did not succeed to make the team enthusiastic about the idea then you would not be supposed to make the judges happy too.

Be Prepared

You cannot become a fool – which doesn’t take along a laptop. Keep listing of every single thing which you will require, that encompasses travelling tickets, booking of hotel, the charger of the laptop, hands-free/headphones, as well as some more cables of USB. Don’t forget to bring snacks. Take some rest and complete your sleeping hours.

Planning and Preparation

The previous two to three weeks of competition, you should make some effort to manage a tentative hackathon just for the team along with such a topic that is purely yours. Tentative hackathon must require approx. straight twelve hours. In such manner, you would have enough time to tune like the team and get prepared for some precise things or else they will needlessly taking away your precious time at the actual competition. Incidentally, you would become enough capable to resolve the problems which you faced, get ready the templates and refillable components. Moreover, if you get CEH certification training, so it would be beneficial to deal and prevent hacking your code during the hackathon. If a person is not capable to manage an experimental-hackathon along with their team, at least self-sufficiently get prepared some essential things.


So here hackathon initiated. Hackathon’s topic gets discovered, and you’re previously informed with the issue which is going to resolve later. Every other person is motivated and happy to go and make a start to solve the task then – do coding. In almost 30 minutes you can produce some great ideas as well as resolutions, after that, you would quickly assign the assignments to every member of the team and instruct them to start the work immediately.

However, it’s a big no! Because it might be the most commonly occurring mistake which comes across by team members once they are in the phase of competition for the most initial time. It’s not possible to get a fine idea and describe the tasks for every single member in only 30 minutes. The task of doing brainstorming and describing the tasks must be taken more than two to three hours and take some more time too if there is a need.

Let the Coding Begin

In this phase, every member of the team must owe the tasks, so in that case, they would start the work. Keep taking a break for about every two to three hours for only a short period meeting. That type of short meeting will be utilized like the opportunity for every member of the team on account to get aware other members what was the implementation they have achieved, did they face any issues and what are their upcoming assignments. In case a member jammed with some task, then the leader decides to decide to discard the feature or to continue with the execution.

Know Your Goals

There’s a huge range of modes to make use of hackathon. So now are you searching to finally make delivery on a project which you have been fantasizing about? Are you ready to get a hand on the newest technology stack? Do you only desire to be a network? Are you sure to achieve a war? It is the hackathon which assists you to deliver all these goals — however, not all these goals would be achieved at a single time. Growing your aims and objectives in a great manner as soon as the hackathon starts to assist to describe your preparation procedure, and also assist you to organize your precious time too.

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