• 21st May 2024

Ideas for creating backyard storage space in 2021

The dream house is a totally personal concept, which can vary greatly from person to person. While some cherish a cozy and rustic space, others dream of integrated environments, modern and full of original ideas. But one point is practically unanimous in any case: having an outside utility area. The gardens, terraces and backyards offer an extension of the house, an extra living environment, and perfect for gathering friends and family during the weekends. Everyone can enjoy the outdoors more without leaving home. Visit this site and be amazed with various ideas that you can implement at your backyard space. If you are lucky enough to have a yard with a considerable area, you will love this book of ideas.

Unique and modern space

Start with a special external environment in which the architects integrate a warehouse into the external seating area. The structure is modern and discreet enough to complement the delicate and attractive space of the garden.

Wood structure

This small building is compact and practical. On the one hand there is an outdoor seating area, but protected by a cover. On the other hand, a closed warehouse offers a storage area for a variety of purposes.

For romantic gardens

External deposits can follow different styles, depending on the garden and the house to which they are combined. The country model is perfect to complement the romantic garden, giving even more charm to the environment.

As in the field

This project brings a structure that refers to the countryside, without leaving romanticism aside. In this case, the pastel tones reinforce this character, as well as the decoration with a side bench and metallic flower pots.

Three environments in one

Currently, multi-functionality is everything. Whatever your lifestyle and the type of architecture in your home, practicality is always welcome. Thus, environments that change depending on the situation are perfect. This small house incorporates an open living area, a closed one and a side deposit to accommodate everything you need.


Still thinking about multi-functionality, an external office associated with the warehouse can also be a very useful idea. Often, the need to create a home office comes after the design of the home, and the yard can be a good opportunity to build it.

Modern and discreet

Now if you only need a deposit and not an extra living area or office for the home, you can opt for a modern and discreet model. This structure is hidden among the vegetation and does not affect the garden’s landscaping. In the case of external environments, there is yet another advantage: the possibility of designing a small building and a small shed to free the house from the mess.

All wood

Similar to the previous model, this deposit has a simple and functional design. However the wooden covering contributes to the composition of the environment as a whole. At best, a unique environment that integrates a warehouse with a leisure area such as a living room or barbecue.

Full of charm

And finally, we closed the book of ideas with a charming and attractive structure for the outside area of ​​the house. This small building has a deposit and is in harmony with the landscaping of the garden, forming a romantic and pleasant space.

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