• 19th July 2024

5 Factors to Choosing Stylish New Sunglasses for Men

Sunglasses make men look smarter and dashing. No wonder we get to see most of our Hollywood heroes flaunting different styles of shades that define and exhibit their personalities. Sunglasses are, however, not just style accessories but also essential for protecting your eyes. Now, choosing the right type of shades for your face and purpose is essential to ensure that the accessory actually accentuates your look. So, here are a few factors to consider while buying premium sunglasses for men.

  • Shape

This is most important when it comes to choosing sunglasses that come in a wide variety of shapes. As a basic rule, men with broad foreheads and strong jawlines should go for glasses with rounded bottom edges much like the wayfarer shades. On the other hand, sunglasses with a heavier bottom edge will suit faces with a narrow chin and wide forehead. The wrap sunglasses are best for oblong faces while men with round or oval faces must go for the square- shaped and rectangular sunglasses. Unisex sunglasses are not a great option for men, though they are often preferred by women.

  • Measurements

Sunglasses for men measure in three numbers in millimeters. The first one is the width of one lens, the second is the width of the bridge over the nose and the third number is that of the length of one arm. For a standard man’s face, the ideal measurement that will also suit a majority of wearer is 56-18-130. A little below or above these numbers won’t really matter. So, with the measurements sorted, you can pick the style like wayfarer, aviator etc. and this will entirely depend on your preference.

  • Eye Protection

Sunglasses, apart from being style statements, are essential for protecting your vision from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. So, whichever brand you are going with, make sure that the pair has a 95%-99% UVB protection and a minimum of 60% UVA protection. These days, most branded shades offer full UV protection but it is always good to check to be sure.

  • Lens Color

Lens color affects the way you see colors while you are wearing the glasses. So, it is not just about style but also purpose and what you are intending to do, putting the shades on. For instance, grey or green lenses are ideal for driving while amber and brown lenses make good sports sunglasses by blocking blue light.

  • Polarization

Polarized glasses are good for men looking for sports sunglasses. These glasses block out the glare that is created by the reflection of sunlight off flat surfaces. You can also prefer them while engaging in activities like boating, cycling, running etc. to be able to perform better.

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