• 19th July 2024

Practice, Practice, Practice… NPTE Practice Exam To Achieve Success

Regardless of the type or magnitude of an exam, preparation and practice will significantly boost the result. Besides getting a certification, the National Physical Therapy Examination helps build a valuable team of physical therapy professionals. It is impossible to be fully prepared for a test, but certain tips and practices will help an individual to prepare adequately.

Naturally, it will make for a busy schedule, but with proper planning, studying for an NPTE exam does not have to be a nightmare. Study plans will vary with individuals, so one should pick what works best for them.

The Study Part

Even after three years of PT school, it is essential to review the content as often as possible. Achieve this by creating a suitable timetable, and detail it with study goals and preferences. Leave blank spaces to allow for modifications.

Study calendars will allow sufficient study time without overworking the brain or fixating on specific content. By distributing content across a certain time frame, achieving study goals becomes easier without exerting too much.

Use a Variety of Board Books

Individuals will process information differently, so it is advisable to use books that enhance content retention without struggling too much. Incorporating two more board books into the study routine is harmless.

Even though it is not necessary to read all, an individual will develop a preference for the one they study very well. For instance, one may prefer a board book with a paragraph or image layout compared to an outline format.

Focus On the Important Stuff

A NPTE practice exam consists of 200 questions, but three-quarters focus on three major topics; the nervous system/neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, and lymphatic. Pay keen attention to these topics since they are the bulk of the test, especially if any of them is a study weakness. However, do not neglect other areas since they will be tested as well. It is recommendable to start with the FSBPT NPTE breakdown before studying.

Online Prep Course

Taking an online prep course a few weeks before the NPTE test helps an individual gain perspective while creating variety in their study methods. An online prep course offers personal study support and accountability.

Practice Tests

On the study calendar, it would help to add at least one npte practice exam. Some individuals will take as many as eight, while some will score very well even with five practice exams. The number will depend on an individual and what they want to achieve.

Nonetheless, it is essential to appropriately review all practice tests taken regardless of how often. This will help to understand what you are doing, how to avoid confusion, and how to answer questions accurately. Furthermore, a npte practice exam will help an individual understand what is expected of them and what they should expect as well.

Avoid Distractions

It is essential to study in an environment with minimal distractions to maximize content retention. Furthermore, undivided attention means more study time with more goals achieved. Some people will choose to study in libraries, but if this is not possible, one can create their study environment.

Unless using online resources or taking practice tests, it is advisable to stay away from devices. Some may leave them at home, switch them off, or delete apps and media that can trigger distractions.

Peer/Group Studies

The benefits of group work and peer teaching should not be underestimated. Explaining concepts to classmates will improve detailing and explanation skills while learning from each other. Furthermore, it helps an individual gather perspective on different materials.

Group work will help in saving study time- compared to trying to comprehend everything alone. Group work allows an individual to learn different topics from different people. For those who are not comfortable with groups, they can work with a classmate.


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