• 24th May 2024

  The Right Way to Clean Your Pumps

A water pump is essential because it helps you get a stable water supply, for your home or business premises. Besides supplying water, you could use your water pump to remove water from water ponds in your properties as well as floodwater that may have gotten into your basement. Like any other machine, it requires frequent maintenance to work efficiently. Although it may seem basic, cleaning is a vital maintenance practice.

Proper cleaning will remove debris, residue, and dirt that may be clogging your pump. If you notice a loss of efficiency in your pump, it may be because of accumulated dirt, especially if you don’t carry out regular maintenance. Apart from being a fundamental maintenance practice, cleaning is one of the best ways to extend the life of your high-quality pump from PumpBiz. Here are some tips on how to properly clean your pump.

1.Disassemble your pump

Begin by removing the pump cover, which is the part that protects the impeller as well as other internal components of this pump. If the model you own has screws, you may need a screwdriver to open the cover safely. Once you remove the lid, your impeller will be exposed. To remove the protective cap of the impeller, you will need pliers. Proceed to remove the impeller’s components, including the fastener, blade, and rotating metal bar.

It is essential to note the side that your impeller is facing before you remove it. This position is critical as it facilitates water flow. It may be a good idea to take a picture of the pump before you disassemble it. It will be helpful when you are reassembling.

2.Wash all the parts

After taking the pump apart, the next step is to begin cleaning all the pieces. You should thoroughly clean these parts one by one while noting the kind of material and debris that could still be stuck on them. For efficient cleaning, you only need washing material and water. A clean piece of cloth will do.

You may use steel wool to polish the rotating metal bar and the impeller. It will ensure that they run smoothly once you start using your pump again. When cleaning, avoid using soap as it may leave residue on your pump, altering your water’s color and taste. Instead, if your pump supplies clean drinking water to your house, sanitize it once you finish cleaning the parts.

3.Reassemble your pump

Once you are satisfied with your work, it is time to put your pump back together. When reassembling, start with the impeller by putting back the metal bar, fastener, and blade. Ensure that these parts are fitted tightly to prevent your pump from falling apart during operation, which could cause severe damage.

Before you close the cap; Refer to your pictures to ensure that everything is in its rightful place. Also, put the pump covering back and secure its locks into place. Lastly, if your model has screws on the cover, put them in their respective positions and screw them tightly.

After successfully reassembling your pump, take it for some testing. Cleaning your water pump often will ensure that it works efficiently.

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