• 26th May 2024

Ways to Beautify your House with Flowers on Valentines Day

Love is in the air, but how does it get there? It is with the aroma of fresh flowers that you have planned to put in the room on the special Valentine’s Day. Reading this you must have realised what we are going to talk about today and now let’s get into details. The best thing to do for your partner on Valentine’s Day is to give them a touch of personalisation in whatever you do. On that note, we have got some ideas on how you can decorate your room or complete house with pink flowers to keep it subtle yet romantic on Valentine’s Day. Bring freshly plucked flowers or order them online, so the effect you are manifesting goes in just the right direction. Let’s start decorating a house.

  • Flower vase

You may already have flowers in your house. All you have to do is take out the fake flowers from it and rearrange freshly plucked pink flowers into it. You can either buy a bouquet and place it as it is or you can buy stems of individual roses and put them in the pot. Keep the water clean, so the pot looks transparent, and the beauty of the flowers is magnified.

  • Flower plate

Like you probably do on Diwali you have to do the same for Valentine’s day as well take a big flat flower plate filled with water and scatter the petals of pink roses. You can either have mini bowls that are transparent spread all over the house with little notes under them, or you can keep one big such pot on the centre table.

  • Petals on bed

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you deserve to feel the love you did on the first day. With that spirit bring fresh pink flowers that are fragrant and soft and scatter them all over your bed. You can carve a little heart or a big heart out of those, and you can also place a cake on the centre to give your partner an idea of the very happening night that is about to begin.

  • Potpourri and flowers

In the same way that you have put your flowers and some water in the flat vase, you can also place potpourri and scented candles. They will increase the scent of the flowers with the warm air that rises in height, and also they will give a very subtle and pure aesthetic look to your overall Valentine decoration. Place it somewhere that when your partner enters, they see it first, so they know about all the surprises that are right in line and get ready for it. 


  • A big bouquet

We have mentioned the idea of a big bouquet at last, but you can begin your night with the same. Order online or buy a bouquet of pink roses and you can go lavish by ordering a bouquet of hundred or thousand roses. You can either send it to their workplaces to begin the celebration of valentine midday, or you can startle them when they enter the house, or you can give it to them after the surprises are over, and you are about to go to bed.

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