• 11th July 2024

Tips on choosing the best pdf convertor

Have you been looking for a pdf converter but cannot decide which one would be the best option? If yes, then you have come to the right place. The Internet is flooded with millions of online PDF conversion tools, but there are only a few like PDFSimpli, which are reliable and offer quality. 


This article would be discussing some tips on how a PDF convertor for carrying out PDF to Word or word to PDF conversions based on parameters like:

  • Layout preservation 
  • Formatting options 
  • Data Security 
  • Efficiency etc. 


So here is the list:

Tip 1: Accuracy in element extraction and layout preservation 

Accuracy in element extraction and preservation of layouts is the most crucial criteria when it comes to choosing a PDF convertor. 

  • A good quality PDF converter will allow you to extract elements of a pdf effortlessly without any compromise in its original layout. 
  • A pdf converter should offer maximum extent formatting without any change in the document’s original format. 
  • Moreover, it should enable the user to extract elements like text, images, graphics, charts, and figures accurately and quickly. 
  • Many pdf convertors mess up PDF to Word conversions. This means whenever you try to convert PDF to Word, you notice a slight change in layout or awfully dislocated headers and footer. 
  • All of this can compel you to make manual modifications to your document. Therefore, if a pdf convertor thrusts you into a situation of manual editing and formatting, then it’s not worthy of your time. 
  • Hence, always choose a PDF convertor that offers smooth element extraction and preserves your document’s layout. 

Tip 2: Choose a PDF convertor that offers fast operating speed 

Although a PDF convertor that extends layout preservation and element extraction is the best option to go for, having a look at their processing speed acts as a great filtering option. 

  • You can filter out the PDF convertor tools that take a greater amount of time. 
  • The speed of a PDF convertor program depends on the software’s efficiency and your system’s configuration. 
  • However, the operating speed of an online PDF converter depends on the performance of your file size, network, and server. 
  • On average, a PDF converter tool should not take more than five minutes to complete its conversion process. 
  • Also, you can compress your PDF files to accelerate the conversion process. 
  • It’s best to go for a converter that is fast because slow converters can take days to convert heavy files putting your work at a halt. 


Tip 3: Choose a PDF converter with a user-friendly interface 

Choosing a PDF converter that extends a vast user interface with simple tools, accessibility, speed, and significant control options can ease up the conversion processes for you. 

  • The PDF converter you choose should offer easy functions with no complex tools. 
  • The software should be easy to use and should conveniently fit your demands. 

Tip 4: Data Security 

When it comes to online pdf conversion tools, data security becomes a big issue. Unlike downloaded software, the online program can leak your data to the entire Internet. 

  • Therefore, before using any online PDF conversion tools, check if the website uses SSL encryption to hide your data from third-party sites. 
  • Also, ensure if the website has enabled automatic data deletion before converting your files via that site. 


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