• 13th July 2024

Decoded: Expressing your love in small doses is now easier 

As we know, love is an ocean of emotions. But hey, guess what? It is also about the little things. A simple but kind gesture or an unexpected but passionate kiss; love takes you by surprise in subtle ways. In fact, these tiny reminders are the ones that keep your love alive. 

Whether you want to allow yourself to slowly fall in love or all at once, we’ve enlisted some beautiful ways for you to open up with your feelings. Here, take a look.

  1. Be thoughtful with gifts 

Believe it or not, gifts are a significant part of every relationship. Not only does it express love but also brightens up your special one’s mood. So, go the extra mile every time you think of buying presents for your partners. Surprise them with personalised gifts to win their hearts in an instant. You can either invest in premium personalised chocolates or engraved watches to show your genuine feelings. 

  1. Do some chores 

Now, this might not be particularly romantic. But hey, saving your special ones from doing a domestic job is the sweetest gesture. So, save them the trouble and do something that they absolutely hate. For starters, begin by doing the dishes or folding the bed sheets every morning as soon they wake up. Believe us when we say doing some of their chores won’t go wrong. You’ll see! 

  1. Send cute texts 

There is nothing more heart-warming than receiving a text from the person you love the most. If you can’t help but agree with us, grab your phone right away and start typing. Send a cute text to your favourite person to make their day. It can be anything random, such as a simple good morning message or even an ‘I miss you’ text. You pick! 😀

  1. Get to know their friends 

We hate to break it to you but your beau’s friendships most definitely predate your relationship. So, make an effort to get to know the people your loved ones are friends with. You can either tag along with their friends or simply take them out on friendship dates. And hey, guess what? Hanging out with them will tell your special ones that you’re interested to get a step closer in their world. 

  1. Show affection in public 

Ladies and gentlemen, we aren’t talking about an over-the-top form of public display of affection. But, a simple gesture like holding hands, embracing, giving a peck on the cheek or a back rub! These acts of love are more than enough to show your loved ones that they matter to you even in the public. 

  1. Leave behind sticky notes 

Here’s a little secret: Hidden love notes tell your loved ones that you’re constantly thinking about them. And hey, guess what? These notes will actually make their day at the most unexpected time. So, what are you waiting for? Leave sticky notes at inconspicuous places, be it at the steering wheel, bathroom mirror, or even near the sink. 

With the above-mentioned ways, you can demonstrate your love to your significant others with ease. So, stop finding excuses and surprise them either on an occasion or a casual day. You can even go over and out and look for fun birthday gifts for your girlfriend or any other special person in your life. Tell them how much they mean to you without sounding cheesy. Trust, you’ve got it this time! 😀 


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