• 21st May 2024

Top Advantages for Photo Chemical Etching

Photochemical machining (PCM) is also known as chemical machining or photo etching. Photo chemical etching is a chemical milling process that uses a corrosive light-sensitive material (photoresist) to machine away the selected areas. This process is sometimes compared to the punching, stamping, and laser or waterjet cutting. The advantages for this type of process are clear. Here’s a quick list of the benefits.

Supports Fragility & Complexity

The metal processing technology allows a company to produce fragile parts in a way that’s easy and effective. This milling process makes highly precise or complex parts, with fine-tuned features and tight tolerances. Through the process, the metal retains its intrinsic properties, with a smooth edge that’s free of burrs or recast.

Involves a More Economical Process

The photo chemical etching process tends to be a more economical process, without being as labor intensive, compared with other machining. With the combination of time-savings and cost-effective processing, it is well-suited to specific industries including aerospace, biomedical and commercial electronics. Even the most complex designs should align with your budgetary considerations.

Allows for Fast, Quality Production

This photo chemical etching process is a relatively quick and easy process. The level of precision and reliability ensures the production of a quality part. The chemical milling process is used for producing battery grids, metal gaskets, and other industrial applications. Compared with other cutting processes, chemical milling involves very little material stress or mechanical distress. The process does not involve cutting or bending, which means the end product is a more high-quality and reliable product.

Supports Flexibility

The chemical milling process can be used with several different metals, including aluminum, copper, titanium, brass, nickel, and silver. The type of metal (and the thickness) affects the speed of production.  That also means that a company can easily use a more economical material for prototyping and then switch to the final material.

Learn More About Chemical Etching

You’ve done your research and you’ve determined that photo chemical is the best solution for your needs. You need a company that offers the professionalism, flexibility, and experience that will deliver the best product for your specific requirement. The best company will offer a Quality Control process to ensure the high-level of value and reliability that you need. Learn more about photo chemical etching.

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