• 12th July 2024

DUI Lawyer Orange County

The chances are that if you need a DUI Lawyer Orange County, this is your first encounter with the legal system. It can be frightening and confusing to suddenly be part of a system that is new to you and that can have so much influence over your life. There are several possible penalties if you are convicted of a driving under the influence charge, including:

  • The loss of your license, and along with it the ability to get back and forth to work and take care of your family and other obligations;
  • Jail time, up to 6 months in all in the county jail, but with the possibility of harsher sentencing for further violations;
  • Fines of between $390 and $1,000;
  • A court-ordered driving school program approved by the Court;
  • Probation, during which time you may be closely monitored by the Court
  • Your personal reputation, as the conviction will be public record and could affect your community relationships and job possibilities.

Your actual punishment will depend on several factors, such as whether anyone was injured due to your intoxicated driving and how many other convictions you have for the same or a similar offense. It is important to understand the possible penalties so you can minimize the effects as much as possible.

DUI Strategies

An experienced DUI Lawyer Orange County will be familiar with different ways to throw doubt on the State’s case. Even with the power of the prosecutor and police force against you, you may still be able to prevail or at least mitigate your charges if your attorney can find mistakes made by the officer and/or the prosecuting attorney.

For instance, an experienced DUI Lawyer Orange County may try some of these strategies:

  1. Your attorney can attack the PAS results (the breath test).
  2. There may be discrepancies in the field sobriety tests, which are required to be done in a standard fashion and only in certain kinds of conditions.
  3. If there is a blood sample, your attorney may be able to attack the results, such as by proving that there is an issue with timing.
  4. You may have other defenses, such as a lack of probable cause for the traffic stop or the failure to read you the Miranda rights before a statement.

An experienced Orange County DUI Attorney will take nothing at face value. You have too much to lose, so your attorney will work hard to either tear apart the case or convince the prosecutor there is only proof of a lesser charge. If you are dealing with a DUI issue in Orange County, call today for a free consultation.

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