• 25th April 2024

Types of Hoarding Disorder That Needs Immediate Professional Hoarding Cleanup Service

Hoarders are known to gather things that are rather useless to them or to anyone in particular. This condition is some sort of mental instability and the hoarder usually have no idea that their practice of stocking up on unusable items constitutes a danger to their health, and some times that of others. Hoarders are generally good at hiding their habit, and often, when they are discovered by loved ones, the only way to get rid of their pile is to call a professional hoarding cleanup service.

However, do hoarders only stock up on useless materials? The answer is no. Hoarders are of different types, and sometimes what seems like a healthy acquisition of things or animals, might not be. Consider the following types of hoarding disorder that could also require a professional hoarding cleanup service.

  • Book Lovers

There is nothing bad in owning a home library, as long as you keep it orderly and relevant. This is not only pleasing to the eyes, but allows for easy access to any material you might be in need of. So when then does a person’s love for book become a cause for concern? It becomes so when they do not recognize the need of discarding books that are no longer relevant to them. The library also tends to be in a constant state of disarray and they do nothing about it.

  • Recyclers

The recyclers are somewhat subtle hoarders as they are not discovered until after enough time has passed. These ones excuse their hoarding habit by claiming that they do not want to throw away what they are piling up because they have plans to make it useful in some other way. While recycling is encouraged because it keeps the environment clean, these hoarders actually never recycle anything. They rather keep piling up on stuffs until their home turn into a storage unit. At this point you can either convince the hoarder to get rid of all these stuff or call on professional hoarding cleanup service.

  • Food Hoarders

The problem of food hoarding is usually general to all types of hoarders as they generally stop taking proper care of themselves and go without eating even if there’s food in the house.

The specific food hoarders however, usually stock up on food for emergency purpose. Although this is a wise move, it becomes a problem when they accumulate food that they can’t possibly finish, even if they had a year to do so.

These foods eventually go bad and brings rise to health and sanitary issues for the hoarder. Often, in cases like this, one might have no choice but to call on professional hoarding cleanup services as handling such cleanup oneself might be dangerous.

  • Animal Lovers

When it comes to animals, it isn’t the number owned by the hoarder that signifies hoarding, but the lack of care for them. A hoarder might genuinely love his pets but lack the insight to properly care for them. Their love thus becomes a hoarding problem when they fail to provide the time, care, home and resources required for their pets to live comfortably.

Generally, hoarding usually stems from over-sentimentality on the part of the hoarders. This quickly metamorphoses into something else if not checked, and before one knows it, the hoarder prefers to have less living space to having more of his favored things to hoard, even if it means his health is in danger.

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