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Types of Pedicures and What They’re For:

We all love going to a spa, and getting pampered with a pedicure. But how do you know which pedicure is the right one for you? Here is a list of different types of pedicures and their purpose:

  1. Basic Pedicure

This is a very common type. This usually starts with an amazing foot massage and moisturising treatment. Afterwards, basic nail care is performed, such as trimming and filling. After that a base coat, nail polish and a top coat will be painted onto your nails.

A basic pedicure is generally cheap. And as nail polish on toes, tends to last way longer than on finger-nails, you’ll get a lot more for the price you pay. Instead of a basic pedicure, you can add on nail art as well, so that you can make your pedi unique.

  1. Express Pedicure

We’ve all heard these words: “Mini-pedi”. This is another word for an expressed pedicure. This is usually the same as a basic pedicure, except in a shorter time-frame, when you’re in a hurry.

The foot care and massage is skipped, and you’ll go straight into the trimming, filing and polishing. This is great for when you’re going to an event but forgot about your toe-nails in your brand new high-heels. Because it’s quicker, it’s also cheaper!

  1. Paraffin Pedicure

We all love summer, but hate it when our feet are dry and full of calluses in our beloved sandals. Besides, who wants beautiful nails with dry feet? If your feet are dry, then a paraffin pedicure is for you.

This is a wax treatment, done in a foot-spa or a paraffin slipper, that moisturizes your feet, which leaves them soft and glowing. Therefore, your skin will match your beautiful pedicure.

  1. Gel Pedicure

After the initial steps of your basic pedicure, the nail technician will apply a base coat, and a coat of gel polish, along with a clear top coat.

After the application of the gel, you will cure and harden your nails under a UV lamp. Since gel is strong, it’ll last up to 3 weeks, if not longer. Therefore, you’ll have beautiful nails for a long time. Additionally, it’s quick and cheap.

  1. French Pedicure

A French pedicure is a classic yet stylish pedicure. It usually looks sleek and professional.

A French pedicure is applied after a basic pedicure. Usually, white polish is added to the top of the nail, in a crest-looking way. After a white polish is added, the nail technician will coat your nails in a nude or baby-pink polish. If you want a more unique look, consider doing your pedicure in a bright colour.

  1. Waterless Pedicure

If you don’t have access to water, or are looking for a hygienic pedicure, then this is for you.

Your nail technician will mist your feet with a spray, after filing and polishing your nails. Afterwards, they will wrap your feet in plastic and towels. Your body heat will then mosturize and soften your feet. Leaving you with beautiful feet, and a fresh set in nails.

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