• 25th June 2024

Benefits of tantric massage

Massage has become very popular in recent times, and it now widely accepted as having a multitude of both health and psychological benefits to those using it. One massage in particular that is gaining a lot of traction amongst the public in the UK is tantric massage.

Here we look at why this massage has really started to catch on around the UK:

Improved Mental State – One of the things about Tantra is that it allows for a much better focus. Through the use of tantric breathing techniques, people using Tantra also learn to relax much easier and de-stress. This can produce a much better clarity of thought and by being less stressed this can also help with issues much as depression and anxiety.

Relax the Muscles – A qualified tantric practitioner will have undergone many years of training. He or she will be able to manipulate the client through a combination of kneading, caressing and rubbing movements to help free muscles and keep the body relaxed and supple.

Circulation & Immunity – Through the process of massage, your therapist will stimulate both blood and lymph flow around the body. This provides more oxygen and lymph (the bacteria disease fighting element) around the body. The effect of this is to improve circulation of the blood and also to boost the immune system.

Bedroom Fun – One of the core elements of tantric massage is the added fun it can provide in the bedroom. As part of the tantric process, single men, women and couples learn how to make things much more enjoyable through tantric breathing techniques which helps things last a little longer and also how to pleasure each other even more!

Above are just some of the great benefit that you can gain from using tantric massage therapy in London with our skilled and experienced team.

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