• 25th June 2024

Ultimate Guide to Lake Toba: Everything You Must Know

Suppose you are planning to visit Lake Toba soon, here is an ultimate guide that can be your reference.

Why should you travel to Lake Toba?

  1. Nature and tranquillity

You imagine spending a week or two just doing nothing, appreciating nature and recharge your body from drain off social interactions that are part of our daily lives? That’s the sort of tranquillity you’ll find in Lake Toba!

  1. Chilly weather

Occasionally you take time off for a trip overseas, just to break free from your everyday routine. You will find there is nothing better than Lake Toba’s lovely chilly weather, the perfect sweater weather for snuggling up to stunning views.

  1. Breathtaking landscape

If you are considering ditching the urban landscape for sweeping vistas and rare fresh air — then this massive crystal clear lake that’s almost twice the size of Singapore is everything you’re looking for.

You’ll discover dramatic views here as it’s situated on a supervolcano in Northern Sumatra which was dormant for the past 74,000 years — and situated among towering mountains and drifting clouds!

  1. The Batak people and culture

It isn’t only a place where you get to appreciate yourself as much as you can, though. More than that, you will be impressed with the friendly Batak people and tradition, who make their house on Samosir Island, which is a small island sitting in the middle of the lake.

Even though the stunning views that surround it have given Samosir quite a reputation, Samosir Island is still untouched in greenery and all nature. Let’s leave your work behind, and get on a flight — it’s high time for the body and mind healing.

Getting there

Presently, there’s no direct way to get to Samosir. You will have to have a flight to Medan, then travel to Parapat, and board a ferry there to Tuk Tuk on Samosir Island.

Getting around

You are surrounded by water and scenic lake views; why do you need to do anything other than travel around by boat? As Samosir island’s primary mode of transport, boat rides are also very cheap there, costing around US$1 each trip. Compared to your usual bus rides, you could even save a little money while you’re there!


Things to do

Just as Lake Toba is a beautiful place to kick back and revel in your privilege to do absolutely nothing, it is excellent to prepare for a rainy day.

Suppose you ever find yourself bored and looking to find something fun to do, must you know that Lake Toba can be an exciting place to visit also. Apart from the annual Lake Toba Festival, the area is littered with historically rich cultural monuments and natural sites that are mind-blowingly beautiful.

  1. Binangalom waterfall. Swim and fish around this majestic waterfall!

This stately waterfall is one of the favourite tourist attractions on the island. The cascades in splendid waves in the surface of a cliff directly into the lake water, making for an exciting sight.

  1. Pusuk Buhit. Hike up a volcano for the stunning views!

Pusuk Buhit is a volcano which is situated in Northern Sumatra. However, it’s not famous for frightening explosions, but for a stunning view, rolling green hills which go on forever. Batak history has it that the first Batak guy, as known as the Batak King, was born on Pusuk Buhit. Until now, many Batak descendants still trek the mountain to garner blessings from him.

  1. Batak Museum. Experience locals culture

If you are considering the Batak history and culture, nothing better place to visit than at the Batak Museum. This grand building, before stepping into its role, spread knowledge of local culture, used to be the home of the deceased Raja Sidauruk.

Ready to start your getaway to Lake Toba? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!

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