• 25th June 2024

Where To Go In Bali? Here The Best Recommendation For Tourist

First time and no clue where to go in Bali? The Indonesian island is well more famous because of its volcanic hills, amazing lush green rice paddies, surf beaches and coral reefs, however, do not be duped, the island is more extensive than you could think!

There’s so much to see and do, and also our Bali travel guide below can help you find all of the best places to remain in Bali. Where to go in Bali? Check this out!


Canggu is the best place to go in Bali in case you’re trying to find the most fantastic recommendation for the site to stay in Bali with a chilled out and relaxed setting. In Canggu, you can experience fantastic cafes and restaurants, and excellent beaches and surf — all side-by-side villagers.

Contrary to the frantic and hectic hubs of Kuta and Seminyak only to the southwest, Canggu includes a more relaxing setting. Accommodation in this region is mostly homestays or personal villas available to lease — no more five-star hotels here (however ) — that is an element of Canggu’s allure.

If you like to look at, then the boho fashion clothing and inside stores, many that are little owner-operator companies filled with excellent finds. They simply even just take their coffee in Canggu, among the regional festivals that import coffee out of Australia to acquire their lattes only perfect! Anywhere you go, you will discover healthy, delicious foods to consume produced from a great bean that is fresh along with local produce.

Part of the allure of Canggu is it’s still relatively local. When visiting here, you live alongside local men and women in quaint villages with magnificent rice paddy areas making for a more real Bali encounter. Like a lot of Bali, Canggu is shifting quickly, so better to get here earlier instead of later!


If you prefer true, and virtually non-touristy areas, then Munduk along with the Twin Lakes is among the most incredible places to remain in Bali. The little city is hidden from the hills, nestled between woods and rice terraces. We intended to stay one night and finished up here to get three.

It is a multi-day festival with dance and a great deal of songs.

If you do not happen to arrive if the festival is around, then there are a couple of enjoyable hikes in the region. Not to mention, the waterfall of Munduk is a must-see too. It is a brief walk from the primary street.

The nights are dark and early, but with a bit of a chance, you are capable of seeing the gorgeous milky way over you. There is not much to do, apart from enjoying life. If you’re trying to find a charming, unpretentious city away in the hustle and bustle of the chief regions at the south of Bali, do not miss staying in Munduk.


Ubud is just one of the favourite places in Bali. We were astonished the first time we saw it, and we believe that it features just a bit of what Bali is famous for.

This tiny town is known as the cultural and arts centre of Bali. Here you may see a few of the most astonishing monasteries and temples built 400 decades ago, such as the Gunung Kawi and Goa Gajah, that can be found at the northeast and west of Ubud.

But frankly, even if you simply reside in the middle of Ubud, then you’re still able to see unique historical architecture like the Saraswati Temple. If you are considering local arts and crafts, then you are able to go to a batik-making excursion, visit a cultural dance or store in the crowded streets of this Ubud Art Market.

These holiday tours are not the only things it is possible to see in Ubud. If you are a meals tripper, Ubud contains lots of restaurants that offer authentic Balinese meals, that can be usually delicious, refreshing and nutritious.


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