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What a fantasy hockey game has to offer

Fantasy hockey has formulated new benchmarks in the last few years.  One thing is for sure the craze for the game has touched new heights in a country like India. People really like this game and a testimony to this fact it is one of the popular games.  No wonders to the fact that the number of hockey leagues is rising in a country like India. A lot of people would be in love with the game but might not have gone on to take part in it due to physical constraints. You can indulge in a fantasy hockey league game without being physically involved in the same. Just you need to possess the skills along with the knowledge to have a fair idea about the same.

Another notable feature of this game is that it cannot be considered to be illegal. It is 100% legal and you are not into any form of betting. For a starter, it is better that they play on the free platform and once you have certain years of experience there is always the provision of opting for the paid version.

Why Player Sportz is the best app to download fantasy hockey

You might have come across numerous apps in the market, but most of them turn out to be a damp squib. On the other hand, if you are planning to play and win some quick cash the Player Sportz offers it all. You just download the game and it is one of the best fantasy hockey game that has evolved in popularity for the last few years. By having a basic knowledge of hockey you are entitled to cash prizes, cash back or you can end up earning real cash in the bargain.

To download the fantasy hockey app is an easy task as you just have to undertake a couple of steps

  • A better way is to go on to the link and download it from there
  • Then there is another option where you can head over to the webpage and from there you can log in directly

At another level, the downloading of the file takes place through the APK format and you can access it via any type of browser. But there is no option of availing the app on the Google play store. Now when it comes to the installation of the app there are a series of steps that you have to follow

  • First you need to download the APK file format. The moment downloading is over you can open the file
  • Then the file is going to start installing in an automatic way
  • But if the automatic installation does not start or it falls to start there is no need to panic. Just give it the permission that it seeks and the app is going to start installing straight away
  • With a couple of minutes the app is going to be installed on your smartphone

The steps to be playing fantasy hockey

Step 1

Here you have to select a team of 11 players and the composition of the time is important

  • Forwards- there is a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 forwards to be chosen
  • Midfielders- Here also you can choose a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 players
  • The same logic applies to defenders as you can choose a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5
  • When it is a selection of goalkeeper select one
  • There are 1000 gems value allocated and the choice of the squad has to be within the given value
  • For the star player that you choose you to go on to gain 2 X points
  • When it is the case of the captain you get 1.5 X points
  • As far as the team formation is concerned out of 11 players you can select 7 players. But within the given gems you have to manage the 11 players and that too within the value of the available gem
  • From a budget point of view an initial value of the team should include 1000 gems
  • Now when it comes to players per team from both the teams you can choose around 11 players. They are going to compete against each other. On the app itself, you can gain details information about the rules of the game

Step 2

Now coming to the second step on the basis of players chosen you to need to draft a team. Make sure you are spot on with the selection of the star player and take all the pointers into account

Step 3

The moment a squad is prepared the team can play the matches. If you go on win the best fantasy hockey you can real cash and bonuses as well.

The features that make Playersportz one of the best platforms to play hockey

Every fantasy app that makes its way into the market wants to become the best when it comes to playing fantasy hockey. But most of them do not have what it takes to reach the summit. Though there are some features that do make it one of the best in the business. Now let us explore the pointers that make it one of the outstanding ones in the domain of fantasy hockey game

Weekly tasks

Pretty much like the name sounds there are weekly tasks. It goes on to include a total of 7 tasks and the best part is that it is updated every week so that you can earn something in the process. So you are entitled to win everything each week.


It is one of the worth mentioning feature of the app. All of us would harp on the fact that sharing is a good habit. Once you share the referral code with the contacts you are going to earn a 10 % bonus on all the contacts. There can be no better fun source of earning that referring to someone and earning. Make it a point that you do not allow the chance to slip away.

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