• 26th May 2024

What is Investment Portfolio for International Funds?

A well-diversified mutual fund portfolio always evens out losses and balances the risk of the entire portfolio. Depending on your risk appetite, investors should make sure that they sufficiently invest across multiple asset classes. It is never a good idea to only depend on one particular asset class or money market instrument to generate capital appreciation. It is less likely for all the asset classes to perform in tandem at the same time. If one asset class underperforms, other performing asset classes can provide cushion during such vulnerable moments.

Financial planning and investment planning are different sides of the same coin. Those with a defined set of financial goals are often successful in drafting an able investment planning strategy. Investors with a clear set of ambitions know where and how much to invest so that in the long run, they are able to achieve their monetary goals.

In the recent past, mutual funds have offered decent capital appreciation as compared to conservative investment schemes. This is primarily why several Indian investors are switching from traditional investment vehicles to mutual funds. Mutual funds are a pool of professionally managed funds that offer active risk management by investing in a portfolio of diversified securities. Asset Management Companies owning mutual funds, accumulate capital from investors sharing a common investment objective and invest this pool of funds across various asset classes and fixed income securities. Depending on the nature of the scheme and its investment objective, a mutual fund may invest in company stocks, gold, real estate, company fixed deposits, debentures, treasury bills, commercial papers, etc.
The performance of a mutual fund scheme may highly depend on the performance of its underlying assets and the various sectors and industries in which it invests.

What are international funds? What is their investment strategy?

There are several mutual funds schemes for investors to choose from. Depending on the investment objective, risk appetite, investment horizon and existing liabilities an investor can choose a mutual fund. Mutual funds offer liquid to an investor’s investment portfolio. If you are someone who is seeking capital appreciation over the long term through Investments and equity related instruments, you can consider investing in international equity funds. International equity funds give investors an opportunity to generate income by investing in companies that are operational in the USA, UK, Europe and other countries across the globe. Investors should understand that markets across the globe run on different cycles. The equity markets in the USA work way differently than they do in India. Why is Indian consumers brand conscious? We have several foreign brands that we use in our daily life. If you ever wondered how you would get an opportunity to invest in a top International sports or electronic brand, then you can do so by investing in international equity funds.
Things to keep in mind before investing in international equity funds

International equity funds are available in multiple investment options. Depending on your income needs, investors can decide whether they want to make a one-time lump-sum payment or start a SIP. Systematic investment plan, often referred to as SIP in the mutual fund industry, gives you the opportunity to invest small amounts at regular intervals. This allows even those with low income to invest and build wealth using mutual funds. Every month on a fixed date a predetermined amount is debited from the investor’s savings account and electronically transferred to the international equity fund. Investors can also refer to an online SIP calculator to determine how much money they need to invest at regular intervals to achieve their life’s long term financial goals. 

Investors should consult a mutual fund expert before investing.

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