• 24th May 2024

When to Consider DIY Mold Remediation Service

Mold remediation services Salt Lake City Utah is the go-to option for property owners, especially when faced with mold infestation problem. More so, property owners looking to list their property on the market will deal with any mold infestation issues, if any. Failure to do that will make buyers tender ridiculous offers. But before you consider mold remediation service, there’s something you should know. It would interest you to know the different type of mold and remediation strategy required for each.

The Basics of Mold

Many homes deal with mold infestation. Although places with higher moisture content tend to battle with mold more than others, the consensus is that every home tends to deal with molds at least once. Common mold forms are seen in ceramic tiles. A simple do-it-yourself mold remediation service is to spray the mold with bleach and scrub.

A critical form of mold is commonly found in bathrooms. Despite the majority of molds whose mycotoxins are non-toxic, you want to get rid of mold as fast as possible due to the threat it poses to your health, particularly your skin and respiratory system. Moreover, mold infestation reduces the aesthetic value of your home as well as functionality and insulation effect.

Benefits Of Contracting Professional Mold Remediation Services

Parts Of The Home That Are Prone To Mold Infestation

Where there is moisture in the home, you are likely to find mold. Mold remediation services Salt Lake City Utah often respond to mold issues in places like the basement, kitchen, or bathroom. These spots are notorious for dampness and retaining moisture. The best solution is to prevent excessive humidity in your home. As a preventive measure, you have to arm your ventilation system too. If you are moving into a new house, you should know that tight insulation may increase the chances of mold infestation. Before you spend your budget for home improvement on mold remediation services, you should check out these areas in your old or new house for signs of mold – chimney, wall interiors, attics, crawl spaces, under sinks, ducts, furnaces, and air vents.

The Mold Remediation Process

As a homeowner, EPA suggests that you can administer DIY mold remediation services Salt Lake City Utah on affected areas of the home that spans 10 square feet or less. Anything above that range should be outsourced to professional mold remediation service teams. A rule of thumb dictates that it is better to hire specialized mold remediation contractors.

Chlorine bleach, used during mold remediation service, is not the approved biocide for molds. There are other amazing products that can deliver quite an outstanding job.  And where mold infestation takes places close to the HVAC system, professional mold remediation service must prevent effective dispersal.

Ventilation and contamination are two sides of a coin during mold remediation. Often the most critical steps, ventilation device such as air scrubber prevent the distribution of airborne mold spores into mold-free areas. Disinfection and cleaning phase involves the disposal of contaminated items and application of biocides to infected areas.

The mold remediation stage is not complete without fixing the source of mold. The contractor may undertake simple repairs such as damaged fan duct while more complex damages may be contracted to specialized professionals.

If there are molds that are difficult to remove, an encapsulation phase is required. For peace of mind, contact mold remediation services Salt Lake City Utah.

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