• 15th July 2024

Which are the best recommended Neem hand wash to be used against the covid-19 virus?

The covid-19 virus has brought the world into the pit of despair and sadness. But nations across the world combatted the harsh effects bravely. While writing this article, already 3.32 million people have lost their life. Such huge numbers are enough to describe how dangerous is the virus. But, it is possible to deal with this virus by taking some preventing measures in our daily life. Wearing masks and washing hands are two of the most crucial measure, which you have to take. 

As suggested by experts, you have to buy alcohol-based sanitizer or even a bar soap, and hand wash will work to wash your hands. But we will discuss about top hand wash to kill the dangerous coronavirus residing on your hand. Maintaining hygiene on your hand is extremely important for prohibiting coronavirus from affecting you or your loved ones. 

1) Medimix herbal hand wash

Medimix herbal hand wash is available in a total of 3 varieties, each containing a different kind of ingredients. Out of them, two of its variety contains neem. These are the best choices during the covid time. You never know when the virus can arrive around you. So, you must incorporate hand wash in your daily routine with Medimix Neem hand wash. These protect your hand from 99.9% germs with just 10 seconds of wash. Being powered with anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and other properties, it provides endless benefits to your skin. 

  • Its first variety which is Lemon, Tulsi and aloe vera hand wash has been crafted especially for dry skin and maintaining a perfect pH balance. If you want to get better, softer, and healthier skin after every wash, Medimix Lemon herbal hand wash is for you. The product is triclosan-free, paraben-free, and it’s a vegan product for keeping your loved ones safe. 
  • Neem, Tulsi, and Aloe vera combination in the second variety of Medimix herbal hand wash makes it one of the most reliable skin care products. Even dermatologists encourage the use of Medimix herbal neem hand wash for killing germs, bacteria, and coronavirus. 
  • Neem, Aloe Vera, and Turmeric hand wash is another variety from Medimix Ayurveda. Neem keeps your hand germ-free and smooth. Aloe Vera helps in trapping moisture and shielding your skin from environmental toxins. 

2) Hamam Hand Wash

Hamam is a pretty old brand that treats yours protects your skin from damage while washing the hands. Hamam neem hand wash keeps 99.9% germs away. Made entirely with neem, aloe vera, and tulsi, it does deep cleansing and detoxifying your hands with germ and bacteria. It keeps your skin in a smooth and normal condition, no matter how many times you wash it. The mild fragrance comes out when you wash your hand with Hamam neem hand wash. Its potent formula can heal dryness within few days of application. 

3) Nimbarka Neem Handwash 

It has been made with Neem extract and Nee oil for protecting your loved ones from harmful germs and bacteria. It is effective in killing bacteria and nourishing your skin with every wash. It’s suitable for dry and sensitive skin. After the wash, it leaves your hand fragrant with scent. 


Against the Covid-19 virus, the above are the top three Neem handwash available in the market. Get any of them and save yourself after coming in contact with coronavirus. When and where it is existing, neither you know nor me. Hence, it is better to take precautions earlier for preventing any future problem. So, are you going to buy any today? Let us know in the comments. 

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