• 16th June 2024

Will cord cutting save you money or not? Knowing it-

When you call for ordering the internet service like spectrum select then you will get a sales pitch which mentions that you must add the TV, phone and even security to the order. This trend towards the internet only service has lead to the reduction of the cable TV subscriptions largely in the past few years. This trend has especially been seen amongst the younger consumers. It is no surprise that seeing the trend the providers are keen at lowering the rates and keeping the individuals hooked on the television.

But the question arises that will the cord cutting help save money?

In reality for the consumers the bundling TV and other services from the provider is cheaper in certain situations. It actually depends on the amount and type of television you watch. 

The cable bundles make the most sense for those consumers who have larger households/families and who have many users streaming continuously. Unlike the internet streaming the cable TV will not slow down or the buffer will not happen no matter how many televisions are on same time. 

Internet only service makes most sense for the consumers who are sharing their home network with one or more individuals and who do not watch much of Television. 

Is bundling cheaper than Internet only?

If you are looking for a cheaper option then bundling is the choice to make. The major reasons to choose bundling are- 

  1. Some of the Smart TV packages come and extensive viewing libraries are available. So if you wanted all the streaming services and you do not want to spend much then you can choose a bundle. A bundle covers all channels you might watch along a smart TV bundle. 
  2. Data caps- The problem of data caps is not there with the bundles. Let us understand more about the data caps. 

About data caps- These caps make streaming less possible as a TV option for certain consumers especially those who are using the DSL or the satellite internet service. One of the biggest worries of the internet only plan is the chance of getting capped. The gamers and heavy streamers are the major groups who worry about the data cap. 

Bundling and how it is best for viewers?

Providers have begun cutting the deals with the streaming services. This means that the services like Netflix are getting bundled with the internet service as a perk for the TV consumers. For making the things increasingly complicated some of the providers even have the smart TV options which are inclusive of the facilities of mobile viewing, on-demand libraries and much more. 

Overall it is good news for consumers as it means increasingly flexible options. 


Is there any bright side to getting internet without the cable TV?

Even though you might give cable cutting a second thought, it is possible saving loads of money by getting internet without the cable TV. If amongst the below things any one or more are true for you then you probably could save loads of money by getting rid of the cable. 

You do not watch much Television- If you are amongst individuals who do not watch much of the television then you probably will not be signing up for every available streaming service. You will therefore save loads of money by engaging in cord-cutting procedures. Through bundles you can get subscriptions like Netflix at amazingly low prices. 

You do not live with many people- If you live with limited people then you will certainly be requiring subscriptions that can be used by small number of users. So you will not be requiring much bandwidth. Another perk is that you can sign up for the cheaper streaming deals that would charge you less for lower number of simultaneous users. 

You are not much of sports nut- If you do not watch sports much then you will probably not require the cable services. You can certainly cut the cord and save big.

You want the fastest internet- If you do not subscribe to cable then you will have more budgets for increasing the speed of internet. 

In reality cord cutting can save the money. Cord cutting in reality is the best choice for the younger/single consumers and much more. If you are willing to save and want to invest your hard earned money into the services you require then you can certainly choose a bundle. You will gain big. 

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