• 16th June 2024

5 Factors That Make Managed WordPress Plans Worth It

Creating a WordPress website is simple, but managing it efficiently requires a lot of skill. These websites have unique needs in terms of server resources and security issues. You can approach professionals offering hosting services to manage your website. While all types of shared hosting plans include regular updates, malware protection, and virus scans, many others offer backup support and application-level services. Managed hosting refers to the service provider taking full charge of the server level and application level hosting and maintaining of your WordPress website. 

Different types of hosting plans offer different levels of services with shared web hosting the most affordable and suitable for beginners. However, if you are looking for a higher level of service and premium support from the experts, managed plans are for you. By assigning the task of managing and maintaining your website to professionals, you can focus on running and growing your business well.

Understanding Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting, as the name suggests refers to hosting services wherein the entire installation and management of your WordPress website is handled by professionals. The basic aim of the hosting service provider is to ensure that your WordPress site runs faster and is secure. The term ‘Managed,’ refers to the installation of WordPress, automated daily backups, core updates and server-level caching to boost performance.

Such hosting solutions come with tailored options for the functioning of your WordPress site. In the case of shared hosting plans, a single server may be running a WordPress site plus a site based on another platform like Joomla or Laravel. Customization becomes difficult in such situations.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Customization of all the systems to boost the efficiency of your WordPress site ensures its optimal performance. Here are some benefits of using the managed hosting services:

  • Better Functioning and Uptime: The offering of resources that complement the needs of a WordPress site ensures its smooth functioning and better loading times. This type of hosting is well-suited for large businesses due to the higher level of security, reliability and performance offered by it.
  • Website Caching: This ensures that despite high traffic your website’s performance is not restricted. Proactive support by the hosting provider reduces the downtime too.
  • Automatic Updates: Your hosting service provider will handle all the WordPress updates for you besides monitoring how each update impacts your site through automated tests. They also work to resolve any problem that is detected.
  • Greater Security: Managed hosting makes the website more secure by building specific tools that can restrict malicious entries. The use of a firewall, regular malware scans of every installation and daily backups to restore lost data can make your WordPress site more secure.
  • Developer Friendly Tools: Most managed hosting services providers offer developer-friendly tools like SSH, staging, WP-CLI, and SFTP, database access and access logs.
  • Scalability: Any sudden increase in your website traffic can easily be handled if the hosting platform is configured to manage the same.


The security, safety, and stability offered by managed WordPress hosting services are more than the costs involved, making it highly cost-effective for bigger businesses.


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