• 26th May 2024

Will women need to lift the weight, will training in resistance?


Will women need to lift the weight, will training in resistance? Would weight lifting make them bulky? Is it bad for its joints?  Must they keep lifting weights or else would the muscles turn into fats?  Once you start lifting weights, none of those horrific things happen. Just as yoga, pilates, cardio have a place in fitness, strength training also has a place of its own and women will definitely start doing it. Here are some of the facts about women weight-lifting when they hit the nearest gym dubai.

  1. Fat Loss

Most people think only about weight lifting to get a tearing body top. Nevertheless, if weight lifting is compared to exercise, weight lifting is easier as calories are consumed. Weight training allows fat to burn in the body, both during and after exercise. Even if after lifting you take a one or two day break, your body often absorbs extra oxygen, which raises the metabolic rate and burns calories.

  1. Better Curves

By adding muscles you can achieve that hourglass shape. Cardio exercises help you burn fat but the flip side is that it also affects the tissues of the muscle. If both the muscle and the fat are lost, the body will weigh less, but it will not be in shape. Strength training shapes muscles and strengthens the muscle tissue, thereby forming the body.

  1. Helps You Get Better Sleep

Was that deep sleep lacking with you frequently getting up in the middle of the night. Strength training helps you getting better sleep consistency and also helps in increasing the sleep time. 

  1. Boosts Your Energy

Even after a small resistance training session, the body’s energy balance and fat oxidation are retained. This must of course be complemented with good food so that you feel comfortable all day long.

  1. Healthy Heart

Lifting weights will reduce the risk of heart disease .In addition to a healthy heart, those who lift also have standard blood pressure and glucose levels.


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