• 25th April 2024

10 Tips For Fire Prevention

We know that prevention is the best medicine or the best weapon against accidents. In the case of firefighting and prevention systems, it is essential to maintain a routine inspection and inspection of equipment, facilities, and procedures. In the case of fire outbreak it is important to invite fire clean up crew to take action.

Here is a list of how habits

Check fire safety integrity levels such as fire detection, actions, and risk assessment.

Speed ​​of detection response, an intelligent detection system helps to eliminate the occurrence of false alarms.

Special care in an offshore system must be self-sufficient; as it will not be easy for a fire brigade to approach, the system must handle all the fire.

Studying the best place to install the system is extremely important; will it be outdoors? Will there be something in the installed area that can reduce its effectiveness? Excessive heat, vibrations, sunlight, any factors that decrease performance?

The intelligent use of a diagnostic can determine the timeframe for preventive maintenance and reduce the exposure of possible errors.

Testing the detectors is essential, together with a specific company, to analyze the deadline for the tests, whether they will have to be done manually or automatically, and the frequency. Choosing well means reducing testing time and thus better cost-benefit.

Today, care and attention to the environment are aimed at, and, in addition to protection, you add value to your brand.

Search manufacturers, equipment that follows quality standards, with a good name in the market, need less maintenance.

Choose the best system according to your equity; this potentially lowers your loss in an emergency case.

Hire a company accredited in fire engineering, everything seems practical, but there are so many details of extreme importance that a simple lack of planning can result in substantial losses.

Tips When Choosing A Fire Extinguisher

Next, be mindful of the budget, as there are two different types, which can result in a discrepancy between the value of one company and another. Priced well below the market can be associated with poor quality.

Open Budget: it is generally seen as advantageous for its lower price than the closed budget. However, it is justified by not having included the exchange of parts. In some cases, it is more advantageous, for example, in fire extinguishers that are in good condition.Closed Budget: includes everything that will be necessary for the fire extinguisher to be fully operational. Generally, it is more expensive than the closed one because it includes the exchange of parts. This model is relevant from the perspective that it reassures the liquidator since he will know an approximate price that is more real than what will be charged by the company, minimizing surprises.

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