• 14th July 2024

3 Areas Immigration Lawyers Deal With

Immigration law firms like Tully Rinckey handle cases involving immigrants and immigrant law. Unlike other branches of law, immigration law attorneys like those at Tully Rinckey law more often act in the role of advisors or counselors providing guidance to immigrants. In general, they do not deal with disputes in court as often as lawyers specializing in other areas, though they do represent immigrants in court. So what exactly do they do? Here are three areas immigration lawyers deal with. 

  1. Guidance

Immigration lawyers help guide immigrants through processes like applying for visas, obtaining green cards and becoming citizens. They offer advice and help immigrants understand immigration laws and requirements. They also aid in making sure immigrants fill out the appropriate forms correctly and file the paperwork for them. Immigrant attorneys also make sure immigrants are aware of required documentation like birth certificates. Mediation between immigrants and government agencies is another task they often take on. 

  1. Representation

While they act mostly in an advisory capacity, immigration lawyers do appear in court to represent immigrants in cases involving deportation. They also defend them in other criminal law cases. While criminal lawyers usually handle criminal law, immigration lawyers are usually qualified to take on cases where an immigrant has violated criminal law because they understand how criminal and immigration laws intersect. 

  1. Employment

Legal immigration through a visa or green card obtained from an employer is an option taken by many immigrants. However, if the potential employer does not help with the actual immigration process, this can lead to not properly following procedures. Immigration attorneys also understand the requirements for work-related immigration and can help make sure they are met.

Law firms working with immigration law can perform many useful functions for immigrants. Consulting one can keep immigrants from unknowingly violating regulations or improperly filling out documentation, both of which can lead to legal issues. 


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