• 25th April 2024

5 Qualities of a Reliable Electrician

No matter how many DIY projects and repairs you’ve done, when it comes to electrical work of any kind, you’re better off leaving that to an expert. One mistake can lead to fire or electrocution, among other hazards, hence the need to hire a licensed electrician. Not just any licensed electrician, though; it’s better to look at their credentials and reliability instead of how much they charge. That way, you can be assured that they’ll do a good job.

So what makes an electrician reliable? Here are the top qualities to look out for.

Good Communication Skills

Whether they’re an independent operator or they work with an organisation, a reliable electrician is good at communication. It’s not just about explaining what they think needs to be done to fix a problem or their ideas for a large-scale project. Reliable electricians can be counted on to call you if they’re running behind and will be late for an appointment.

Pays Attention to the Time

Speaking of being late, that’s another quality of a reliable electrician. Because they know how much time a job can or should take, they’re mindful of the time, and so they do their best to show up at the job site on time. That way, they’ll have time to properly pinpoint the cause of the problem, do the necessary repairs, and test their work to see if they missed anything.

Customer Service Skills

Electricians represent their company, whether it’s their own or someone else’s, so what they do and say reflects on the company too, for better or worse. They’re the ones who are at the job site, doing whatever work is required for that job, so they should be familiar with dealing with customers. Whether it’s explaining what they’re doing to fix the problem or allaying customer fears or suspicions, a reliable electrician can empathise with the customer and can therefore do what’s needed to help them stop worrying.

Works Well with Others

A reliable electrician is one who can work with others, whether it’s the customer or other electricians. Cooperation means the electrician understands their role in a project and is aware of their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to electrical work.


An electrician who talks about their employer behind their back won’t inspire confidence in a client, and – frankly – can’t be trusted to do a good job. Similarly, an electrician who refuses to listen to a colleague’s suggestions is often unreliable.

On the other hand, an electrician who respects the client and their time makes it a point to be on time and communicate if they’re running behind. That respect also makes them good at handling client concerns and makes them great team players.

In other words, an electrician who is respectful – to a client, their colleagues, and other contractors – is ultimately one you can trust and rely on.

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