• 26th May 2024

5 Things That Increase the Risk of an Automobile Accident

Most people do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle intending to get into an accident. However, most accidents that occur are due to human error. Certain factors heighten the risk that a driver will make a mistake leading to a collision. If road conditions are not ideal and the driver is distracted or impaired, it can lead to serious consequences.

  1. Dangerous Weather Conditions

Most people are aware of the fact that inclement weather can affect the roads. Ice and snow can cause cars to slide out of control, especially if they are going too fast for road conditions. Rain can cause roadways to become slick or flooded, causing cars to crash or stall.

  1. Rush Hour Traffic

More cars on the road together can lead to more chances of vehicles colliding. Drivers who are struggling to get to or from work in a timely manner may become frustrated or stressed out. This can lead to drivers experiencing road rage or indulging in reckless driving behaviors. Rush hour traffic usually involves a lot more stopping and starting instead of driving at a smooth, steady pace. The more times a person has to stop, the more chances they have of accidentally hitting someone ahead of them. Anyone who has been in an accident involving another person should consider talking to an experienced auto accident lawyer to figure out the next steps.

  1. Distractions

Drivers can experience many forms of distraction while they are on the road. Passengers, especially children or pets, may try to demand attention that the driver is not able to properly give. The use of a cellphone while driving can also lead to problems and many regions have enacted laws prohibiting their use. Drivers who are distracted may believe that they are in full control over their vehicle, but that is not the case, as many people find out after it is too late.

  1. Reckless Driving

People who do not drive carefully may endanger themselves and others. They may crash because they were going too fast for the road conditions. Reckless drivers may change lanes abruptly and without signaling, confusing and alarming other drivers, or they could follow too closely behind other motorists and not be able to stop in time. They may neglect to adhere to laws and disregard traffic signals, increasing the risk of a collision.

  1. Low Visibility

During heavy rain, sleet, snow or hail, visibility can be reduced drastically. Hail may damage a driver’s windshield, decreasing visibility even further. During dawn and dusk, the sun may shine into motorist’s eyes and hamper their ability to see the road or other vehicles. Anyone who is not able to see properly should try to pull over as safely as possible and park in a spot away from traffic.

People who operate motor vehicles should be cautious at all times to decrease the risk of an accident. While it is not always possible to avoid an accident, the risk can be minimized as long as drivers use common sense and stay alert to their surroundings.


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