• 25th June 2024

5 unique living room layout ideas for the Eames Chair Replica

Throughout the ages, if there’s one piece of furniture that’s managed to make a permanent mark on the design industry, it’s definitely the Eames Lounge Chair. Everybody knows of it, even if it’s not by the correct name. It’s also spawned an entire line of replicas. But more than anything else, it is still used largely and mostly belovedly in many living room interior designs to this date.

This is how the Eames Chair Replica has carved its mark in our world, and if you too are as inspired by it as we, then here are 5 unique layout ideas to feature it in your homes:

  1. The one-sofa layout


This is the perfect layout to use the Eames Chair Replica in, because the lack of large furniture instantly makes it an amazing accent piece. If you’re wondering what the one-sofa living room layout looks like, then take a look at this image. The gorgeous statement sofa is perfectly sized to complement the size of the living room. Plus, it’s surrounding by gorgeously contrasting accessories. The use of the Eames lounge chair on the side just makes things that much more interesting and unique.

  1. Cozy and conventional


This living room layout is specifically designed for everyone who doesn’t want to jump hoops to create something unique. It’s catered towards coziness and comfort. The Eames Chair Replica is conventionally placed by the side of the couch, and both furniture pieces face the media wall, with the coffee table capping off the whole look with its statement area rug.

  1. Oversized and sideways


The oversized-and-sideways living room layout features the Eames Chair Replica being used as a solitary piece that’s placed directly opposite to an enormous statement couch. There may or may not be a coffee table in the center – totally depends on you. But the one thing that you must note is that this layout looks the best when it is articulated in big spaces!

  1. Double the fun


If you’ve got enough space and guts, then you can definitely pull off featuring more than one Eames Chair Replica in your living room interiors. The oversized lounge in this image is a perfect example of how to successfully do so. With a comfy couch in the middle, the two Eames chairs provide welcoming accents and great visual attractions on either side of it. You’ll definitely love pulling this off in your own homes.

  1. Instead of the end-table


The Eames Chair Replica is pretty versatile and can literally conform to any living room layout in the most beautiful manner. The small-sized living room in this image is such a great example of this. With colorful and eclectic statement pieces taking center stage throughout the space, the Eames chair has been neatly and elegantly placed as a show-stopper at one end of the sofa to deliver the maximum visual impact.

These are some excellent ways to emulate the iconic Eames chair replica in many living room layouts. We hope this list gives you some amazing inspiration to tweak your own lounge area.

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