• 21st May 2024

A simple guide to buying your first home

Becoming a homeowner is what most people aspire to accomplish in their lifetime. But once the process begins, you may feel the overwhelming stress many current buyers have also experienced. It can even be enough to cause you to stop looking at homes for sale and decide to continue to rent.

There are five main milestones throughout the home buying experience:

  1. Finding a place
  2. Applying and getting approved for financing
  3. Making an offer on a place
  4. Completing all necessary inspections
  5. Closing

Finding a place – This will either be the first or second milestone (depending on your finances) that you’ll go through. This milestone includes finding a home, securing a relationship and contract with a real estate agent or broker, and viewing open houses.

Applying and getting approved for financing – again, this will either be the first or second milestone. If you’re in need of financial assistance to purchase your home, you’ll need to choose a financial establishment that gives mortgage loans, then complete the paperwork for approval, have your finances assessed, and get approval for the home you wish to purchase.

Making an offer on a place – Once you and your real estate agent or broker find a home that you want to make an offer on, you’ll need to do so. Before making your offer, make sure it is within the financial allotment your provider has approved you for. Keep in mind, it is not a good idea to make an offer at the highest end of your approved amount.

Completing all necessary inspections – After your offer is accepted, the home will go into escrow and inspections will need to be done.

Closing – Once an offer is accepted, the home inspections are complete, and your financial institute is ready to write a check, you’ll have completed the final milestone.

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