• 25th June 2024

Adopt A Few Good Habits to Make Your Hair Grow

Many people want their hair to grow faster, and there are tons of reasons — perhaps they have recently had an awful haircut or want to make it long for their wedding hairdo. Whichever the reason is, hair Clinic Toronto has 10 tips to help your hair grow quicker, here they are:


  • A Good Diet


One of the best methods to have healthy and quickly-growing hair has a good diet. A healthy diet should contain plenty of vitamins, protein, and healthy fat types. If you find that you’re lacking certain vitamins or minerals, supplements work well for you.


  • Minoxidil


Minoxidil (aka Rogaine) isn’t available for all, but many people have had great results. Minoxidil can be administered either as a liquid or as a gel and it can apply directly to the scalp.  


  • Regular Exercise


Regular exercise is excellent to maintain healthy hair. Not only does it pump blood into all areas (including your scalp) of your body, but it also makes your hair happier and less stressful.


  • Scalp Massages


Scalp massages improve the skin’s blood flow and relax the mind. This promotes new growth and improves the health of your existing hair.


  • Drinking-Water


The benefits of taking plenty of water are not hidden from anybody. Water promotes more energy, better skin, lose weight, etc. how can you forget that your hair also benefits from drinking water. This is mainly because water is used to help your body remove the toxins more quickly.


  • Avoid Hairdryers And Straightening Irons


Hairdryers and similar equipment will warm and dry your hair, which may cause damage and ultimately breakage.


  • Cleaning Your Hair Regularly


Regular cleaning of your hair with a good shampoo does not just help it look good but it does not let the hair get greasy and damaged too.


  • Avoiding Stress


Extreme stress can affect your wellbeing and even cause your hair to fall. So, it is a good idea to minimize your tensions so that your hair can stay healthy as much as possible. The ideal way to diminish stress is to practice meditation.


  • Using Home Remedies


Many home treatments can be used for hair growth .e.g. applying egg white on your hair and scalp can make your hair incredibly solid and balanced.


  • Using Herbal Treatments


There are different opinions available for herbal treatments, but they can provide a lot of benefits for your hair when they are used together with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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