• 25th June 2024

All You Need to Know About Polarized Lenses

As sunlight bounces off of any normal surface, it becomes more intense due to the light waves getting concentrated via reflection. This creates a harmful “glares” that have an adverse impact on human eyes. Polarized lenses or the polarized film for LCD offers a unique technology with special filters to absorb the horizontal light created by the shining sun rays falling on various objects.  

This technology is typically equipped in LCD screens or even basic sunglasses. When direct and strong light pricks the direct eyes, it is potentially dangerous – impacting the ability to see and the overall health of the eyes – and hence these lenses are a savior. 

Why Polarized Lenses or Sheets?

Polarized lenses enhance visual comfort

Wearing polarized lenses provide more comfort to the eyes in case of direct contact. It reduces the amount of glare experienced while viewing objects with clarity in exceptionally bright conditions. That allows us to see the environment around in authentic colors because they no longer are forced to process the horizontal light patterns along with the vertical ones. 

Provide superior visual contrast and clarity

In order to view objects with ground-level bright conditions, LCD polarizer film and other polarized products allow people to view things with better color contrast as the horizontal light waves are always filtered away. The enrichment in color perception promises better vision clarity in comparison to the over-exposure given to eyes without lenses –as eyes struggle hard to pick up specific objects in the environment. This saves people from fatigue-related issues like headaches.

Reduces the harmful impact caused by UVA/UVB

Polarized screens protect from UV rays that can damage one’s eyesight in case of frequent exposure. The sun’s radiation can cause injuries which are cumulative to the body that eventually leads to a reduced vision for people. 

Polarized lenses reduce the strain experienced

By covering the eyes or by reducing the amount of light passing through the retina changes the shape of the eye in the response of glare exposure. This physical response creates high levels of muscle fatigue in the eyes, cheeks, and nose – leading to headaches due to long-term exposure. Fatigue, redness, and emotional irritation are some common side effects of extreme eye strain. Hence, polarized lenses can neutralize this issue, allowing the eyes to feel rested and comfortable.

The pros and cons of any polarized lense are typically more about the personal preferences of people. Some people usually prefer to wear polarized lenses for the added clarity received in extreme light exposure. Others feel like the filters usually turn to be distracting when they take care of their daily routine tasks. If someone regularly works with LCD screens, then this item might not be an option to even be considered. Direct exposure to any strong source of light, whether TV or sunlight, is never recommended. This can create a long term impact by damaging the eyes.

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