• 19th July 2024

Why Hire a Telephone Answering Service?

Operating a business means there are many simultaneous tasks you must manage. One of those tasks can easily be eliminated by hiring a 24 7 telephone answering service to build and maintain a positive relationship with your customers. Once your telephone answering service starts fielding calls, you will realize how indispensable the service is so you may focus on other areas of the company. In addition to freeing up your limited time, there are numerous other reasons to hire a telephone answering service, including:

Appointment Booking

In addition to answering calls around-the-clock, a 24 7 telephone answering service can be trained to schedule appointments for customers. Hire a company that provides a variety of scheduling options and that will protect the identity and sensitive information of your clients. This helps build customer trust and loyalty, and increase retention rates.

Call Reporting

All the upfront work that an answering service is delivering is tracked so you will know the number of calls coming into your business each month through call reporting. This is also beneficial to help with offline marketing campaigns as you gather information about your customers. Reports commonly include average call duration, call counts, geographic location, a list of every call, the phone number, and the result of the call.

Field Urgent Calls

Businesses that regularly receive urgent calls need someone to answer them around-the-clock. This is especially critical for those in the medical industry who could be facing life and death situations. Hiring a dedicated answering service can help field those urgent calls, regardless of the date or time of day. If the caller needs to contact a specific individual, then the service can route the client to an on-call dispatching system or person.

Quickly Help Valued Customers

In a global world, customers call when it suits them best and expect you to be available. Answering the phone during regular business hours leaves 16-hours per day of unanswered calls. For this reason, partnering with an answering service can manage calls outside of business hours so no customer is left without answers.

Saves the Company Money

Saving money is music to the ears of all business owners. As your business grows, so does the money you make but it can be expensive to hire a dedicated customer service professional. While some companies choose to have phone answering be a collaborative effort for all employees in the office, this can be a major distraction and greatly impact productivity. A 24 7 telephone answering service is a bargain since you do not have to pay for a customer service representative and can maintain a high level of productivity from your other employees.

Having a dedicated 24 7 telephone answering service can help your business by freeing up valuable resources while still providing excellent customer service and even saving you money, which is extra critical for small-to-medium-sized businesses where employees manage multiple tasks. Consider hiring a dedicated answering service to help improve your company.


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