• 25th June 2024

Best Hair-Growth Shampoos for Strengthening and Revitalising

Paying attention to our bodies is an important part of our overall well-being. Whether it’s our skin, hair or even nails — taking care of ourselves can be an incredibly rejuvenating experience. A good hair wash before you begin your day can do wonders! However, the experience is incomplete without the right products. With an explosion of brands and products in the market, it’s often difficult to pick one which offers guaranteed results. The back of a hair care product bottle seldom makes any sense. So then, what should a buyer look for?

We just have one rule for you: you can never go wrong with products that use natural ingredients! Natural ingredients tend to be a rich source of nutrients and proteins necessary for hair growth. 

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some shampoos that contain natural ingredients and help strengthen and boost your hair growth.

  1. Avocado Shampoo
    The benefits of avocado are plenty. Avocados have become a popular dietary element; they’re also used to make DIY face masks. A rich source of nutrients and minerals, avocados have also become a popular ingredient in hair care products. Godrej Professional’s Avocado Nourish Shampoo is an antidote for brittle and damaged hair. It boosts hair growth and restores it to its former glory.

  2. Honey Shampoo
    It is a lesser-known fact that, apart from being a healthy alternative to sugar, honey is also excellent for hair care. Honey has unique moisturizing and healing properties and is often used as an ingredient in DIY skincare products. Godrej Professional’s Honey Moisture Shampoo brings the goodness of honey neatly packaged in a bottle. If your hair feels dry because of the change in weather or overuse of a straightener/dryer, then the honey shampoo is just what you need. It contains nourishing oils that ensure healthy and smooth hair.

  3. Quinoa Shampoo
    Rich in calcium, iron and phosphorous, quinoa is a known remedy for dandruff. A plant-based protein, quinoa acts as a moisturizing agent in hair care products. Godrej Professional’s Quinoa Smooth Shampoo strengthens hair follicles, tames frizzy hair, and adds shine.

  4. Acai Oil Shampoo
    Acai oil is an important nourishing oil that boosts hair growth. In its natural form, it’s often used as an essential oil treatment. However, if you don’t want to apply it directly to your hair, you can opt for Godrej Professional’s Keracare Recharge Shampoo that is enriched with acai oil along with the cooling benefits of menthol. It can also be used for chemically-treated hair. Acai oil and menthol work in tandem with each other. Acai oil nurtures the hair and adds shine, while menthol provides a soothing effect.

  5. Keratin Hair Shampoo
    Recently, keratin has become an important ingredient in hair care products. The industry has collectively realised the importance of keratin, which is a protective protein naturally occurring in hair, skin and nails. Keratin shampoo boosts lustre and makes hair stronger. Godrej Professional’s Keratin Smooth Shampoo is a unique hydrolyzed keratin formula that can be used on colour-treated hair. 

From keratin shampoo to products infused with the goodness of honey, Godrej shampoos are especially made for Indian hair. Godrej Professional also has a whole range of sulphate-free shampoos that work towards restoring damaged chemically-treated hair. Additionally, Godrej Professional also offers a variety of hair styling products which can be found on their website.

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