• 16th June 2024

Buying Drift Car?- Essential Automotive Modifications for Drifting

Recently, we have experienced significant tech developments, and the drifting world is worth mentioning. New and modified versions of drifting cars come up each day, and drifting enthusiasts have something to smile about. However, modifications are vital if your car is to perform optimally. 

Which parts can you modify?

 RC drift cars come with multiple features. However, the common areas to adjust include; tires, engine, steering, suspension, interiors, and exteriors. Examples of modifications to consider include;

  1. Drive train 

 This is one of the critical aspects of a drift car. To drift effectively, it would be wise to install a limited-slip differential. In most vehicles, this is open and doesn’t support sustained control during slides. A popular type of slip differential is the clutch. It allows constant lock-up activity when you’re accelerating or decelerating. 

Also, there are other types of differentials that you can choose; these are the spool and the welded differentials. With the spools, they perform a differential effect and lock together the vehicle’s wheels. Similarly, the welded differential makes drifting possible by welding together the side gears.

  1. Tires

 Tires help maintain the best grip ensuring better control and speed. However, most manufacturers are now manufacturing tires to install drifters, and you can get high-quality drifting tires in the market. To get the best drifting tire, you may have to cough up a few extra dollars, though!

  1. Car interiors

Drifting cars are quality, but many are not pleasing to the eye. You may have to customize the car interiors, but this isn’t for the looks. By doing this you make, you make drifting easier, and there are various modifications to consider. 

These may include seeing wheel, seating, gauges, and hand brakes. For instance, install a bucket seat and harnessing, allowing you to turn the steering wheel versus the brake. Moreover, fit a new locking knob with a spin turn knob to stop the hand brake from locking when pulled. That’s not all; you can move the hand brake’s location to increase the braking force.

  1. Engine

Overheating is a common issue among drifters, and it’s advisable to have the best cooling components. To modify your engine for improved performance, consider power adders like an aluminum radiator, oil cooler. When the engine oil overheats, it soaks your engine and the neighboring parts. The oil loses its viscosity which is vital for the car’s performance. The best upgrade to resolve this would be a power cooler.

 Where can I get quality drift cars& accessories?

RC acres are common in most leading shops, and you can get on for your needs. To get the best device, only purchase from legitimate manufacturers and go for renowned brands and models. There are different cars to suit different budgets, compare the prices between sites to locate the best deals.

The bottom line

 There are different modifications that you can make as a drifter. However, this will depend on your budget and the type of competition. For a fun drifting experience and improved speed, acquire a quality drift car and consider the aforementioned modifications.

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