• 26th May 2024

Charged With Assault? Know These Possible Defenses

Assault charges are complex to face. When you are charged with assault, your life changes within a blink of an eye. Your employment, education, social presence, and every other aspect are at stake. Additionally, each assault case is different. The possible defenses you build against it also vary depending on various factors. 

In such cases, a criminal defense attorney from Kohlmeyer Hagen Law Office can help you examine your assault charges in detail and develop an effective defense strategy to either get rid of the charges or reduce the penalties and jail time. 

Representing yourself without an attorney can lead to complex challenges such as incriminating yourself, pleading guilty, lack of evidence, wrong defense strategy, and more. 

Possible defenses: 

You may think that the assault charges are an end to your career, and there is no way out. However, there are multiple ways to combat the allegations with the right and skillful criminal defense attorney. Some of the possible defenses to use: 

  1. Self-defense. 
  2. Consent Defense. 
  3. Defense of property.
  4. Defense of others. 
  5. Lack of proper mental state. 
  6. Necessity. 
  7. Duress. 

Depending on the circumstances, each defense strategy can be used to combat the allegations. Additionally, to prove your defense, you need to show reliable information. For instance, self-defense is one of the most common defenses against assault charges. To prove that you reacted to defend yourself, you must prove that there was no easy way to escape the situation. The person you assaulted possessed harm or threat to you. However, if the assault was more significant than the threat or harm against you, there are chances that you are still going to face assault charges. 

Why contact a criminal defense attorney?

From the moment you were charged with the assault, the opposite party will try their best to plead you guilty. It is vital to know that one wrong action can ruin your case and make it complex to come out of the situation. To avoid these mistakes and come with a strong defense strategy, you must have a criminal defense attorney by your side. 

The attorneys practicing criminal law have dealt with similar cases before and know all the whereabouts of the laws. Representing yourself without an attorney can harm your case. Besides, the attorney can study the case in detail and determine the gaps that make your case strong. The attorney will fight for your defense to secure a favorable outcome. 

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