• 24th May 2024

Comprehensive Guide To Choosing a Rug For Your House in Houston, TX

Enhance the ambience of your living room with the ideal rug from The House of Rugs, Houston’s top source for magnificent floor coverings. Choosing the proper rug can completely change a space, bringing warmth, texture, and personality to your home decor. However, with so many varieties available, choosing the right rug may be difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared this complete guide to assist you go through the procedure smoothly. From material considerations to size and design suggestions, we’ll provide you professional assistance to help you select the ideal rug for your lifestyle and aesthetic tastes. Let’s go on a trip to enhance your home decor with the ideal rug!

Tips on Choosing a Rug

Follow these guidelines to choose the finest rug for your individual environment.

1. Map out your space. Before going coming to our Houston Rug shopping, measure the area you wish to cover and consider the furnishings that will anchor your floor covering. Consider using painter’s tape to map out the space and also consider your furniture.

2. Choose the suitable style. Consider your room’s décor and the style of carpeting that will best complement it. A sisal or jute rug, for example, evokes a casual aesthetic. A kilim, dhurrie, or shag rug creates a more bohemian ambiance. Farmhouse, Geometric, and mid-century style carpets go well with modern interior design. Traditional Persian, Moroccan, and Oriental carpets work nicely with eclectic designs.

3. Consider the materials. Natural fiber rugs (such as those made of silk, cotton, and wool) are much more expensive than synthetic fiber rugs, however they are more sturdy and are likely to last longer than artificial ones. If you have small children or dogs, go for synthetic fiber carpets (which are simpler to clean). Also , consider the usability of the rug’s material in any specific setting. For example, because of its closeness to food and drink, a kitchen runner should be made of a stain-resistant material, while an outdoor rug should be waterproof material.

4. Consider foot traffic. Low pile rugs—with flat weaves woven on a loom—are perfect for high-traffic areas since they are simple to vacuum and clean. High pile carpets with open weaves, such as shag, are ideal for creating a luxuriant and warm vibe that is pleasant to the touch, but they can quickly get soiled and lose volume with heavy foot activity.

5. Select between solid patterns or colors. If your walls and furnishings are largely solid colors, add a patterned rug to attract attention to the center of the space. If your walls or furnishings are patterned, choose a rug with a single solid color. whether you’re buying online, ask whether the company would give you samples in the mail so you can make sure you like the pattern up close.

6. Consider Layer complementary rugs. Layering rugs improves their textures and adds depth to the room. For example, combining a square flat big rug with a complementary-colored, smaller, circular shag rug adds dimension and variety.

7. Invest in good rug pads. A rug pad is placed below the carpet and the floor to preserve the fibers while preventing the rug from slipping. Purchase cushioned rug pads to make each step on your new rug seem like you’re walking on air.

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Ready to select the ideal rug for your home? Visit The House of Rugs, Houston’s top rug store, now! With our broad collection, professional workmanship, and great customer service, we’re certain you’ll discover the ideal rug to add comfort and flair to your home. We offer the right rug for any area in your house, including the living room, bedroom, dining room, and kitchen. Shop with us now to enhance your home with the ideal rug from The House of Rugs!

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