• 21st May 2024

DIY Guide To Blood Spill Cleanup Service Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Although it has been made clear by professional bodies that cleaning up blood requires much more that a mop and bleach, majority of people still use these tools. If you are one of those that does, you should stop so now. Blood cleanup isn’t just a 2-process affair, where you can just pour bleach and clean. It requires several processes if you want to be sure it’s completely cleaned. If you do not know how, you should call on any professional blood spill cleanup service Philadelphia Pennsylvania close to you immediately.

Here is a concise DIY guide to performing a blood spill cleanup service Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

  • Get The Tools

Preparation is the first step. You must first procure all you would need for the cleanup. This includes a full biohazard suit with face mask and respirator, brush, dustpan, disinfectant wipes, forceps or thongs, biohazard bags and label and other disinfectant products amongst others.

  • Remove Dangerous Objects

Using your forceps, you should remove any object that might cause a tear in your suits. So, if the blood was a result of cut from a broken glass for instance, you must first remove the glass and it shard before any other thing. It is important that you do not touch the glass with your own hands.

  • First Cleaning

If the blood spill is a large one, then you must first soak up as much blood as you can with paper towel. These towels are then thrown into a biohazard bag.

  • Second Cleaning

Next, you pour your disinfectant onto the affected surface and then let it be for about ten minutes. Then, you can begin scrubbing with another paper towel from the outside toward the center of the spill area. Discard towel in biohazard bags after you are done.

Tip: let there be enough ventilation in the room when you carry out the second cleaning.

  • Third Cleaning

Repeat the second cleaning with fresh towels and more disinfectant. Discard towels in biohazard bags and leave surface to dry.

  • Get Rid of Your Suit

When the third cleaning is complete, you should take off the suit and throw it into another biohazard bag with an appropriate label. Call on the appropriate local department to help you properly dispose the biohazard bags and their contents.

  • Decontaminate

While it is preferable to get rid of anything you might have to clean up the blood, you can opt to make them safe again for reuse by decontaminating them with the use of registered disinfectant. After decontaminating, you can then clean the equipment proper, i.e., with water. These could include your broom, dustpans and buckets.

  • Decontaminate Yourself

You should opt to take a shower. While doing so, make sure to pay special attention to your hands. Wash them thoroughly with water and disinfectant soap. This cannot be overemphasized.

After the cleanup, you must then fill out an incident report.

If you follow this guideline carefully, then you will have successfully rendered an efficient blood spill cleanup service Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Nut, if you have any doubt, its best you call on the professionals.

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