• 25th May 2024

Suicide Scene Cleanup Service: Coping With The Loss Of A Loved One

No one ever wishes to lose a loved one in death through whatever means. If most were given a choice however, they would rather choose not to lose a beloved family member to suicide. Death by suicide is usually followed by a state of confusion and blame that the surviving family members are thrown in.  when such happens though, among the first things to worry about is, who will conduct the suicide scene cleanup service? This should be carefully decided as a wrong choice could make the grieving process somewhat harder.

Performing the Suicide Cleanup

The loss of a loved one through suicide is traumatic enough, and there is no need to take on more trauma by attempting to perform the suicide cleanup service yourself. If you must heal from the loss properly and completely, you should avoid taking on activities that will further ingrain the ugly events into your memory. And cleaning up after your loved one will do just that.

Asides the issue of emotional safety, you should also avoid the cleanup if you plan on staying healthy. Even if the victim had a clean bill of health, it is still recommended that all blood or body remains be treated as dangerous, and for good reasons. There are many pathogens that can go on living in the blood of a person even after being dead for a long time.

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How the Cleanup Helps

For one, knowing fully well that the cleanup is being handled by professionals gives family members one less thing to worry about. The effort that would have been directed toward cleaning up can now be put to other use, such as preparing the funeral service.

Also, if the cleanup company is an excellent one, then they would have the suicide scene completely remediated in no time at all. With this, the healing process can begin, as the triggers of the traumatic event would have been almost completely eliminated.

Handling Personal Effects

This is usually the hardest part of dealing with a loved one’s death and more so when it’s a suicide case. Some families might be tempted to leave the deceased possession as is, but if the grieving process is to continue without backslides, it is best they are taken care of right there and then.

In the event that the deceased committed the suicide in his own room or home, then the professionals who render the suicide cleanup service would have to determine the fate of some of his personal belongings. These basically would be the ones that have been affected by biohazards, such as blood, body matter or bodily fluids.

While some of it might be remediated and returned to the family, those that cannot be rescued will have to be disposed of and destroyed. This is not the time for sentimentality to cloud your sense of reasoning as you might be tempted to still retain such objects.

Suicides are no doubt heartbreaking situations, but once the deed is done, life must go on.

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