• 26th May 2024

Five Mistakes You Should Avoid when Buying Kitchen Tiles

Updating tiles is one of the most effective ways to improve the look of the kitchen in your house. However, before you start shopping for tiles, remember that picking the wrong tile is a costly mistake. No matter the tile style you pick, a wrong choice can have a negative effect on how your overall home will look.  To make sure you don’t make the same mistakes that other people, it is best to be aware of them from the get-go. These mistakes include the following:

Not Choosing the Right Type of Tile

Choose tiles that are suitable for your space in an important consideration. In terms of the kitchen, the best kind of tile is a non-slip surface, durable, resistant to chemicals, and non-porous. Non-porous tiles are perfect in the kitchen as they are easy to clean and will not retain odors or stains. The best tile for the kitchen is porcelain since it meets all the tile-type criteria you should look for. 

Not Sourcing Tiles from the Right Supplier

It pays to shop around to get the best deal on kitchen tiles. Reputable suppliers usually stock the same range, thus, you can find the cheapest deal when you shop around. Take a look at online tile stores and compare their prices. Choosing the right supplier ensures you get high-quality tiles. Check out Carreaux Metro liquidation

Not Keeping in Mind the Color

When picking the perfect tile for your kitchen design, you must prioritise the colour. Your floor’s colour can transform the feel of the kitchen in many ways. Warm, earthy colours can make it feel comfortable and inviting. Cool or white-toned tile colours can make the space feel clean and spacious. But, keep in mind that the kitchen is a working space, not purely decorative. Dark colours can hide stains and dirt more effectively.

Failing to Pick the Right Texture

Decorative kitchen floor tiles can significantly affect the visual feel of a space. But, the tile’s texture determines it performance in everyday life. Although a high-gloss porcelain floor can look fantastic, it can get slippery when wet. Ideal kitchen tiles have non-slip characteristics, especially if you do a lot of cooking.

Not Considering Grout Joint Size and Colours

Grout joint size refers to how wide the visible joints between the tiles will be. It will have a huge effect on the visual look of your kitchen and it can be coloured to achieve your desired look. But, grout is prone to looking dirty over time. Therefore, it can be best to opt for darker grout since it hides the unavoidable stains more effectively than light grout.

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