• 21st May 2024

Rakhi Gift Ideas For Raksha Bandhan During This Lockdown

Raksha Bandhan comes on August 3rd, and given the rise in coronavirus infections throughout the world, it’s safe to assume that the situation will remain unchanged for some time. This implies that there will be no Raksha Bandhan celebrations this year.

This event honours sibling relationships by allowing them to rejoice together. So, if you’re still stumped on how to make this year’s Raksha Bandhan more memorable, here are some fantastic ideas to celebrate with the same passion and excitement as previous years.

Make a video call to celebrate.

It’s a great idea to commemorate the festival online. For siblings who cannot visit each other, a video call can be used to celebrate Rakhi. Then, over the phone, make all of the rakhi rites and exchange wishes while filling your mouth with delectable goodies.

Save the day with online gifts

Markets are crowded, and wandering from one shop to the next is dangerous. So have a seat at home. Relax and order rakhi gifts or Raksha Bandhan gifts from the comfort of your own home. There are more options available online, and you may go through them to find something that fits your budget. Rakhi delivery across local and international locations is also available on services like bigsmall reflecting rakhi for sisters, brothers, kids, creative rakhis etc., which you may use to deliver rakhi to your brother who lives in a distant city/country.

When you offer your loved ones surprising tiny presents out of the ordinary, there’s nothing more significant than a wide-eyed smile on their faces. And it was because of this that bigsmall.in was born. They wanted to make it more than simply another giveaway by abandoning the practice of traditional giving. Instead, they assist you in giving your loved ones something that matches their personality and makes them exclaim, “Yes, that’s me!” As a result, bigsmall.in has gone on a quest to make gifting a hassle-free experience, intending to bring you the greatest gifts from across the world.

As a result, you’ll never find anything conventional here. Instead, everything has a personal touch, from the items to the packaging to the customer service. That is what distinguishes bigsmall. From conventional retailers!

They’re on a quest to make unique and fantastic presents available to anybody sitting at home. So your experience will be delivered to your home with only a few mouse clicks on the internet. However, they are aware of how much each present means to you. And it is for this reason that they ensure that it is a remarkable experience!

Dress up and have a good time.


Dress up and show off your sense of style. Even if you’re simply at home or on a video conference with your sister, it will put you in the mood to celebrate.

Life is all about enjoyment, and social connection with our fellow humans not only makes us happy, but it also helps us develop our capacity to acquire languages, get more familiar with different cultures, enquire, think, play, and work.

Our social heritage is a collection of customs, traditions, moral values, attitudes, festivals, folklore, beliefs, and aspirations that define us and bond us to pass it down to future generations. Festivals have both social and economic consequences. Happiness is clouded by negativity and uncertainty in our busy and hectic environment. As a result, there has been an unquenchable desire for anything that can bring hope. Festivals arose, as a result, allowing us to forget about our troubles for a few days and embrace the great aspects of life.

Festivals serve as stress relievers and emotional balancers. Negativity is automatically reduced when there is more optimism. It also allows for the reduction of tension and the reunification of estranged friends and family in a connection of love.

Festivals bring people together like nothing else. They serve a critical role in nation-building by bringing people from all walks of life together, regardless of religion, economic status, or social status. When we consider the wonderful voyage of human evolution, we can see that humans do not innovate or build anything until they are compelled to do so. Unfortunately, there is no recorded history to explain when festival celebrations began, although festivals associated with social organisation, religion and political activities were held in ancient Greece and Rome.

Don’t let the Covid-19 issue ruin your favourite festival, and instead, have a blast with these rakhi celebration alternatives.

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