• 12th July 2024

Purchase The Best Mini Speaker In The Market

Honor mini speaker is a lightweight, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker with stereo sound quality. It is perfect for those who are traveling and want to carry a speaker that can be shoved into their pockets, bags, or purses. It is about the size of your palm and seems very compatible. It comes with a woven strap that is used to hang it from your bag, in your room and such.

Use it when sitting in the garden, relaxing in your bathtub, and anywhere because of its size. It comes in the color red, which sort of looks like pink, and has a micro USB port. It is very light in weight, with less than 120g, and easy to carry around as it’s tiny with height, width, and depth is 54, 54, and 55.

The Honor mini speaker produces treble and gives deep bass when you raise the volume or play it low. You can buy this and use it when watching a movie in your room while listening to songs. Though it seems like two would be a better option, well, one can do the job too. Its lithium battery keeps it playing non-stop for 4 hours. That tiny button can be used to answer calls too as it has an integrated microphone that comes along. 

The design seems to be plain and it doesn’t offer many colors. It is bland and doesn’t seem very attractive compared to the Swan Speaker. It seems to have a plastic build and has a little led that glows blue when connected.

UntitledThe Honor mini speaker has been given 4.9 stars out of 5 which seem pretty impressive. Most of the reviews talk about how nice the sound is and how they enjoy the bass. The company promises some specifications worth mentioning. 

  • It has gone through some rigid reliability tests and passed. 
  • You can plug and unplug the USB port 2,000 times. 
  • The cable can be bent 1,500 times. 
  • The tiny button can be pressed 5,000 times and would work fine. 
  • It is claimed that it can handle weight pressure of 100kg on 10 times repetitions. If that’s true then you can shove it in your bag and not worry about it breaking.
  • It has passed a drop test of 1 meter and should function well after the fall. 
  • Comes with a two-year warranty. 

All these seem pretty impressive especially the drop test and it costs 24.99 euros which are 2,203 INR. The fact that it’s so tiny and light makes it tempting to buy. But because it is so tiny it would not offer loud sound as bigger sized speakers do. T is perfect for those who travel a lot and want to carry a speaker around but if you are someone who wants a full audio experience with loud sounds then this isn’t for you. The build seems not as sturdy as told and the battery life isn’t as impressive. 

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