• 16th June 2024

Red Stag Hunting Tips

Red stags are one of the largest and most-antlered species of deer on the planet. There are many considerations one should take before deciding to hunt these majestic beasts. Squaw Mountain Ranch suggests that you first decide whether you want to hunt in the mountains or at lower elevations depending on your comfort level. Though red deer are present year-round, fall is the best time to hunt because the weather is cooler and causes deer to often come out into the open. These deer are present in the spring as well, but you may find them lurking in open areas less often than in the fall. 

Hunters should also think about if they want to venture into the wilderness alone or travel with a group, as certain lodging might get booked early in the season. It’s important to lay the logistical groundwork to ensure a smooth and enjoyable hunting trip. 

Now that you’ve made some preliminary decisions, Squaw Mountain Ranch suggests consulting with a local tour guide or hunting guide in the area before you plan to hunt. The locals are more familiar with the animals’ behavior and will let you know when and where to find the best deer. A simple conversation can yield high benefits. 

You should also always go through your equipment before a hunt. If you plan on using your own rifle, make sure all parts are clean and in working order. If you plan to borrow a rifle, do research online and watch videos so that you are familiar with how it operates. Completing these tasks before the actual hunt allows you focus all of your energy on the hunt itself and not on logistical details. 

Red deer tend to feed early in the morning or later in the afternoon, so you should plan to stake out areas during those times.The locals can help you find exact feeding spots where there is lots of activity. These deer have a great sense of smell and vision, so take your covers strategically to keep out of their sight. If you are lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time, you may find a male deer occupied in luring female deer. This is a great time to set the target because the deer is distracted and unaware. 

Taking down a red stag is quite the accomplishment, and there are many strategies to facilitate the process. Take time to plan out your trip and determine where you want to hunt, during what season you want to hunt, and if you want to go alone. Talk to locals to get specific information about what the animals are like in this region. Finally, be patient and take good cover. You never know what might come wandering across your line of vision! 

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