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Services Offered by Scion Staffing Austin Agency

The Scion staffing agency is renowned for its best services at recruiting and temporary staffing. It serves nonprofit organizations, nonprofit foundations, and learning institutions. Founded in 2006, and it has remained the best staffing agency Austin since then. It offers exceptional services in the following areas; the TX metro area, Southern U.S, and national markets.

Services Offered

Scion has specialized recruiters dedicated to providing the best available staffing for their clients. It networks with firms in areas where the recruiters have a better understanding. They give organization employees who have excellent quality skills fit in a particular field. The agency may work with individuals, businesses, corporations, and organizations. Scion offers direct-hire, temporary, and specialized hiring services. Below are the services that this company offers at large;

1. Direct Hiring

The agency offers direct hiring services which include;

Recruitment of Talent

The agency has specialized recruiters who examine applicants thoroughly to make sure they are well equipped as per the employer’s needs. The agency has devised several ways to capture the attention of well qualified and sought after employees.

Pathway Creation

Scion works out most of the work that could consume the employers’ time to make it easy and faster for the employers to get hold of the best employees. Some of the activities carried out by the agency include; coming up with a clear description of the job position as well as giving a precise payment range. Besides, the agency selects the best employees out of a massive number of applicants, does the launching of the postings made online, and actively engages on the social media platforms.

The firm creates awareness in most gatherings, including visiting and speaking to individuals in higher learning institutions, showing up talent and human resource conferences, as well as showing up at events such as LinkedIn.

Evaluating Applicant’s Skills

This agency gauges the applicants’ skills based on the employer’s needs and the job’s needs in question. The evaluation involves testing the applicant’s skills, evaluating their behavior, and interviews concerning different situations.

Coordination of the Interview

The agency involves the employer during the interview of the best contender for every position. This enables the employer to assess the applicant and prove their qualification and enthusiasm for the specific job.

Reference Checks

Scion agency ensures that the candidates are trustworthy by thoroughly cross-checking their references. The recruiters review the references concerning former employers to ascertain that the references given are genuine. The recruiters contact former colleagues as well to ensure total honesty.

Applicant’s work Eligibility and Conduction of Background Checks

It ensures that the applicants are suitable for a particular job. They are also ready to research and know the activities carried out for their position of interest.

Recruitment Process

Scion may take part in advertising job vacancies, act as mediators to help negotiate offers, and offer counseling services to applicants so that the hiring process becomes a success. However, the benefits of the recruiters may not be mandatory here unless there is a need.

A guaranteed Hire

The firm gives its clients a guarantee of three months. The services are offered in a very executive manner, and this gives the firm confidence.

2. Temporary Staffing

Scion has expert interim staffing managers for recruiting temporary employees regardless of the size, budget, or the set timeline. Besides, the firm has a pool of candidates that can work remotely. The agency is experienced in temporary staffing a wide range of fields, some of which include;

Administrative staffing

This involves staffing the best applicants for the positions of Executive assistants, Administrative assistants, receptionists as well as representatives.

Finance testing

The staffing managers recruit staff to offer services such as Financial Services, Finance management, Accounting, bookkeeping, auditing, and analysis.

Operations Staffing

The agency recruits applicants in operations managers, office managers, facilities staff, coordinators, and assistant positions. The staff’s human resource personnel including managers, recruiters, HR Interim directors, etc. The firm also does market staffing in that it recruits, Interim Directors, Managers, Coordinators, and many others.

It recruits staff in the Communications and PR sector, the customer service such as Help Desk, IT and Engineering Staffing, creative staffing, design, supply chain, healthcare staffing such as nurses and medical billers, legal staffing like attorneys, event staffing, etc.

The firm also deals in staffing expertise services like Architecture, Engineering, research, Data, Stats, Krypto, and others.

3. Specialty Hiring Services

Besides the direct and temporary hiring services, Scion Staffing Agency also deals in recruiting experts in the following areas;

  • The Administrative sector
  • Finance and accounting sector,
  • Human resources and operations
  • Sales & Customer services
  • Marketing & Digital
  • IT or the Technical sector
  • Creative and design sector
  • Legal sector,
  • Medical and health care sector
  • Event and convention,
  • Industrial and manufacturing sector.


An organization’s success majorly relies on its employees and the culture of carrying out its duties. Getting well-equipped employers for the needs of the organization’s activities may be costly and time-consuming. An organization’s activities can be way easier with a well-established body that solely specializes in such a task as staffing.

With the Scion Staffing Agency’s structure and organization, many employers can confidently delegate the firm’s staffing role. Besides, the firm has a record of its outstanding performance over the years. The firm also makes it easier for potential employees to apply for jobs and get employed in the best workplaces.

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