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The Best PDF to Word Converter Tool – PDFelement Pro

Invented by Adobe in the 1990s, the PDF files are a go-to format for sharing documents for businesses and individuals alike. This is because the PDF files are independent of the software, hardware or operating systems they are viewed on, the document format is maintained, and easily integrates non-text elements. Another aspect that makes PDF one of the most popular formats is its security. You can secure PDF files with a password to help you keep control over your data and protect sensitive information. However, when it comes to editing or modifying PDF files, certain restrictions make the process very difficult. As such you may find yourself looking for ways to convert PDF to Word or some other format to make the editing and modifying process easy.
Earlier converting PDF to Word was only possible through Adobe’s proprietary software Adobe Acrobat. However, lots of PDF to Word converter tools you can choose now. With an abundance of free to use PDF to MS Word converter available both online and for download, manipulating PDFs has never been easier. However, among the pool of PDF to Word document converter tools, PDFelement Pro is the best one.

Why PDFelement Pro is Recommended as the Best PDF to Word Converter Tool

PDFelement Pro is a full PDF conversion suit in one neatly designed package. This free to use tool gives you full control over your PDF files and is one of the best PDF to Word converter present on the market today. With this tool, you can easily convert PDF to Word doc as well as to other business formats like Excel, PPT, Text, Image, HTML, EPUB, and many more.
PDFelement Pro allows you to create, edit, convert and even sign PDF documents without disturbing the layout. It works on Windows and Mac and has a full-feature word processor similar to MS Word that allows you to easily and seamlessly convert PDF to Word file as well as insert comments anywhere in the document and have someone else review and sign the documents and share it. The interface of PDFelement Pro is pretty simple and easy-to-use. Just download this PDF to Word converter from iSkysoft website and drag amd drop the PDF files you want to convert into PDFelement Pro. Once you are done, you just need to wait for the conversion process to commence and there you go. This software also offers a few interesting advanced features as well such as you can protect specific sections of your document so that only recipients who have the permission can see that information.
Now that you know why PDFelement Pro is the best PDF to Microsoft Word convertor, the question arises on how to convert PDF to Word. Let’s take a look at how to do so.

How to Convert PDF to Word

PDFelement Pro makes it easy and seamless to convert PDF to Word document as well as save your time by converting multiple PDF files to other file formats in batches. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you convert PDF to Word Doc.

Step 1 – Download PDFelement Pro

The first step to getting started with PDF to Microsoft Word conversion is to download the PDFelement Pro on your device. To download the software visit the official website and get it for free.

Step 2 – Launch and Upload PDF

Launch the PDFelement Pro software on your device and upload the PDF file you want to convert. For this click on the Open File button and choose your PDF file. Click File and hit the Export To button.

Step 3 – PDF to Word

Once the PDF document is open, click on the Convert button and then on To Word button, you will be redirected to a new window where you can choose the output folder and output format to convert PDF to Docx and save the converted file. Lastly, click on the Save button to start the process.

Step 4 – Batch Convert

If you have multiple PDF files that need to be converted into Word doc, then you can complete batch processing. This step helps save you time. To do so, click on Batch Process on the home of PDFlement Pro and click convert. In the new window, click on Add Files to import the PDF files you want to convert and then click on the Start button to start the conversion process.

Part 4. How to Convert Scanned PDF to Editable Word

PDFelement Pro also helps you create PDF from the scanner and supports to convert scanned PDF to editable Word file while retaining the layout and quality of your document. This can be done with the OCR feature of the software. Let’s get started with the conversion.

Step 1 – Open Scanned PDF

First, launch the PDFelement Pro software on your device and then open your scanned PDF file directly by just clicking on Open File.

Step 2 – Perform OCR

After the scanned PDF is open, a notification bar will appear at the top of the window asking to Perform OCR function. Click on it to convert the scanned PDF file to editable PDF. You can choose correct language for PDF files before performing OCR with clicking Change Language.

Step 3 – Convert Scanned PDF to Word

Now go to the Convert button and click on the To Word button. A pop-up window appears, here click on the Settings tab to ensure you have selected the option of Only Scanned PDF. Then start the scanned PDF to Word conversion by clicking on the OK tab.


This is how you can convert PDF to Word doc with the best PDF to Microsoft Word converter, PDFelement Pro. This software not only converts PDF to Word easily and quickly, but also preserves the original layout, text positioning, and convert multiple files. It also comes with various editing tools allowing you to add text, images, annotate, sign, and edit PDF files before conversion. So, go ahead and download the PDFelement Pro, the best PDF to Word converter software now. Also, iSkysoft provides 50% off discount to buy perpetual license.

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