• 24th April 2024

Tips To Decorate Your New Home

Modern-day residential properties are designed by allowing more sunlight to peep in so that the rooms stay brighter throughout the day. Witnessing the starry nights from the wide window panels is also a distinct experience. When you’re about to step into your new home, you must be seeking some cool tips for decorating the new place with a fresh twist. Here, some ideas are provided—

Net drapes

Though the net drapes are not trending as it has been in use for quite some time, however, if you’re not completely okay with keeping the big windows open throughout the days to balancing the privacy- opt for a few sets of fine net drapes for covering up the windows or the doors.

Use light colors

We have witnessed how the dark colored dominated the interiors throughout the past couple of years- however the current trend of interior painting is going against the flow. The light creams, pastels or glossy baby pinks, whites, ivories and silvers are literally dominating the interiors with a touch of gold.

If similar combination convinces you, ask your contractor to move further and paint the walls with the light colors to reflect in more natural lights. Use hypoallergenic paints to avoid any hassle.

Mix & match the linens to complement the paint

If light colors are dominating the interiors, you can mix and match dark and light colored cushion covers, bed linens, duvet colors or that of the furniture accordingly.

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Go for minimal

The Japanese have shown the world the powerful message of minimal home furnishing. You can go for it if you want more leg space and free spaces for your children to roam freely inside the rooms. Keep the stairs clean too. De-clutter unwanted stuff to get more space. Add candles and learn how to use wax cubes.

Opt for space-saving furniture

Buy space-saving furniture for supporting the above mentioned pointer.

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