• 21st May 2024

5 Trendiest Bathroom Countertops

Are you planning to give your favorite bathroom a makeover? Well, along with considering the bath fits, faucets, and other relevant washroom furniture; be choosy when it comes to the bathroom countertops.

Here we have enlisted a couple of top 5 hottest and the trendiest bathroom-


White marble countertops help in improving the whole interiors of any bathroom. You can install the sink and design the floor with marble too to match with the gracefulness of the countertop. Good designers can guide you with the exact samples of popular marble slabs with several natural veins running across the rock bases.

Quartz Countertop

Quartz is created with minerals gathered for thousands of years. Thus, the rock pieces are opined to be one of the sturdiest for containing the abundance of ubiquitous material. The manufactured quartz are maneuvered with pigments, recycled content, resins, and other chemicals to add color and gloss in the countertops.

Granite Bathroom Countertops

Besides the quartz Countertop, granite surfaces are also widely preferred by the homeowners and real estate experts. Both quartz and granite give a tough fight in the market because of the profusion of choices and durability.

Solid Surface Countertops

Extremely beautiful and durable solid surface countertops are typically made of crushed stone and acrylic resin. Top brands manufacture these awe-inspiring bathroom surfaces in a variety of solid colors and exquisite subtle patterns.

Ceramic tile bathroom bases

If you are fascinated by the beach cottage or Spanish colonial styled bath—the ceramic tile surfaces could be your preferred option. On the safer side, this is a cheaper venture and the maintenance is also pretty affordable. The tiles are easily replaceable; just keep a set of similar ones in stock to replace one or two easily.

These are the top 5 trendiest bathroom countertops you will enjoy installing in your new home or during remodeling the old one.


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