• 12th July 2024

Top 3 Unlimited Internet Providers for Your Work-At-Home Setup

The work-from-home setup has become the new environment of several individuals across the globe. Companies believed that establishing this system can help employees be more comfortable working in the four corners of their home. Thus, they will be able to experience a more convenient transaction towards their clients since they can start a meeting through online video calls. This environment can be challenging for some, and various adjustment practices will be made to be familiarised with the new setup, but this is one of the best strategies to develop and establish yourself without compromising your professional duties. 

With that in mind, most companies provide a broadband network for their employees who work at home, but it is up to the workers which provider they choose and will be their partner throughout the process. Internet expenses will be handled by the company where you work; therefore, you should choose the best and right telecommunications company that will suit your workload.

Here are the top 3 broadband network providers that offer unlimited Internet without NBN for every user across Australia:

  • Tangerine

Tangerine being one of the most award-winning companies in the telecommunications industry, gained the trust of the mass population and considered them as one of the best companies. They offer various packages for all the sectors in the society, some of which are Fibre to the Premises, Fibre to the Curb, Fibre to the Node and, fixed wireless and HFC NBN connections. Therefore, if you are quite hesitant about which service would work for you, it is best to consult the company and ask about what will suit you best.

One of the most recommended bundles offered by Tangerine for home workers like you is the Home Wireless Broadband with 500GB worth of data every month. It is significant for prominent families who love to stream online and work on their tasks at the same time. For $69.90 monthly, you can already enjoy a 4G plus network without any contract and a special promo price. Also, you can choose which modem you prefer to be partnered with your Unlimited NBN Plans with Free Modem.

  • Spintel

Spintel works their hardest to bring innovation in your home through their award-winning services that have been commended by most people online. The company received an award by being the best mobile plan in 2020 and “best-sim only” provider in 2019. With a friendly and efficient customer support team, indeed your complaints and feedback will be responded right away by the Spintel staff.

The High-speed Wireless Broadband 500GB is one of the most effective network bundles for you because it can accommodate three to five individuals using the same internet network at once. Regardless if you stream or work at the same time, the connection will remain to be top-notch, which resulted in a vast number of Spintel users across the years. 

  • Optus

Optus, being labelled as one of the biggest companies in the industry, assured its customers that they would provide a sustainable future for their loyal users. The team tries their best to be updated about the recent occurrences globally to provide a better service to its customers through the learning and new knowledge they gathered. Indeed, Optus garnered a vast amount of users because of their well-deserved actions.

The Optus 4G Home Internet Everyday 500GB (24M) would cost you $75.00 every month with a free modem of your choice. Whenever your chosen package slows down for at least 1.5MBPS, you can upgrade anytime for four times. Every upgrade will add 40GB on your existing plan, which is a great and convenient deal, mostly if it occurs during the most unexpected times of the day. 


If these packages do not satisfy your cravings for a perfect internet provider, do not hesitate to check out other telecommunications companies that will work best for you and your family’s internet needs.


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