• 21st May 2024

Top Forex broker in Indonesia

Every trader wants to explore the interesting and profitable world of Forex: one of the most chaotic markets of these times. So, if you are looking for the best broker in Indonesia, this could be the right place.

We know that sometimes it can be really hard to focus on things like certifications or security level when you just want to be a trader, but we are talking about necessary requirements to avoid scams. Let’s see how to overcome these obstacles to become a good Indonesian trader!

Forex Trading: how does it work in Indonesia?

First of all, we want to give you an answer to a typical question: “is Forex trading legal in Indonesia?”

Yes, in Indonesia traders can access the Forex market to buy and sell the best currency pairs. In 2013, the Indonesian Regulatory Body decided to make Forex trading illegal: scams we’re becoming a real problem. Actually, even if you can choose a broker regulated by this authority, there is a wide choice of worldwide broker, trusted and professional to live a good experience as an Indonesian trader online.

How to choose an Indonesian Forex broker

If you are a beginner trying to select a trustworthy Indonesian Forex broker, there are some things to consider before picking the worst one.

You must trade with a trusted broker, regulated by authority like CySEC, CONDON, MAS and FCA. This is the first characteristic that reassures traders: a compliant platform that follows worldwide rules to protect users is the best option you have. Naturally, we are talking about global authorities, because in Indonesia there aren’t brokers trusted by BAPPEBTI.

We also recommend to Indonesian traders to pick a friendly user platform: best broker works to make trading’s activity easier to their clients. In the end, we know that there are brokers who offer a bonus: pay attention because this is not a good reason to start trading with this platform. Now, we can finally show you the best broker in Indonesia!


Avatrade is a Forex broker appreciated by international traders. Naturally, we’re presenting you a regulated platform by FSA, CBI and ASIC. He already has a good reputation among Indonesian traders, but what does he offer?

We can easily talk about accessibility: with Avatrade you can start with a minimum deposit of $100, but you can also use a free account demo. The last one is a real benefit for beginners who need to get some practice without worrying about their savings.

Avatrade offers a professional experience even to Islamic traders, with 0 fees and low spread. If you want to trade as a real expert, the broker works with MetaTrader 4/5: the most popular trading platforms of the world.

In the end, Avatrade could be a good support for any type of trader!


OctaFX is an awarded Forex Broker: in 2015, he won a prize as best forex broker for Islamic traders. So, you can easily understand that this platform offers you an Islamic account. The truth is that this broker pays so much attention to their users: he offers different accounts. So, if you are a beginner, there is a micro account: the minimum deposit is only $100. If you are looking for something more professional, you can start with a pro account: the minimum deposit is $500.

Naturally, you have the chance to decide if OctaFX is the best choice for you starting with an account demo: in this case, no minimum deposit is required.

Generally, users say that this platform presents all features to easily invest as an expert of currency pairs.


The last best broker in Indonesia that you can use is XTB. This broker has regulations from the major European authorities: FCA, CySEC,etc. Obviously, he also has what it takes to be one of the most appreciated brokers in your country.

Beginners should know that on the platform there is a section to study, for free, everything about trading online: this is an advantage that you don’t have to underestimate!

There are also two types of account: standard or pro, to reassure every user looking for a suitable experience. XTB is also appreciated for competitive spreads and high-quality tools offered to every client!

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