• 25th June 2024

Transform Your Home With Beautifully Framed Mirrors

A mirror adds brightness and reflection to any room of your home, but a frame makes it even more unique and visually appealing. From your master bathroom to a living space, a mirror with mirror frame gives any room a touch of depth, texture, and dimension. Before you decide which type of mirror and frame will work for you, read on to discover more about a few of the various styles available. With a bit of inspiration, you can find the perfect frame for your mirror to dress up any room of your home in style.

Go Glam with Metallic Mirror Frames

If you want to project a high-end, luxurious look, choose a mirror with mirror frame finished in a shimmering metallic hue. The frame for your mirror can be anything from shimmering silver to glittering gold. When you hang a framed mirror surrounded by metal or a bright metallic finish, it can instantly transform the room and make it look luxe. Mirror frames made of metal and those with a bright, shiny finish will make your favorite rooms feel sleek and chic.

Get on Board with the Farmhouse Trend

Farmhouse-inspired designs are taking the interior design world by storm. You can make your mirror look rustic and warm by choosing a frame crafted of wood in a rich, deep finish. Try a mirror with mirror frame made of reclaimed wood to give your home an authentic farmhouse touch. The wood can be completed in any finish you choose from a trendy gray to a classic whitewash or even a distressed turquoise blue.

Keep Things Clean and Simple

For those who prefer things more muted, a simple mirror framed in white should accent the room without being overly bold. A smooth, sleek mirror frame comprised of wood in a solid color adds a finishing touch to your favorite space. This look is popular in bathrooms where you don’t want to worry about the details as much as you might in a large living space. You can frame your mirror in a flat, smooth material and complete it in a simple, solid color to round out the aesthetic.

Elevate Your Home with Intricate Details

A mirror can make any space seem larger, brighter, and more luxurious. Complement this concept by selecting a frame featuring intricate details that transform the mirror into a work of art. A Baroque-style frame crafted of carved wood can turn any mirror into something truly unique. If you adore modern design, look for a mirror featuring a mid-century modern sunburst frame. The sky is the limit when it comes to selecting a frame for your mirror, so make sure you have fun and choose something that will enhance your home and reflect your unique personality and style.

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