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Web.com Reviews Discusses Cool Soccer Workout Trainings


An exciting game of soccer is bound to have remarkable crosses here and unstoppable strikes there. With many nail biting-moments that turn the game of events, you start praising the speed and agility of the players. What you might be unaware of is that it is not only the finesse with which they can handle the ball but the hours spent in working out by the players that determine their expertise of the game. Web.com Reviews lists out some really cool soccer workout training that helps the players tremendously on the ground.

The Exercises

  1. Jumping the rope – While playing football, the players are required to change speed or direction at any given moment. As Dae Green, a soccer coach says, “If your heels touch the ground, you’re one step behind,” it is evident that the game basically rests on how smart your feet are. Jump Rope is a great workout to develop quick feet.

Start with basic jumps for two minutes as a warm-up. You can then alternate with skier jump on either side, i.e., ten to the left and ten to the right. Follow up with ten single-leg hops. For better results, you can repeat the entire set four times.

  1. Goblet Squats – Soccer players should follow workouts aiming at strengthening the lower body which enhances their enduring power. Squats is one such exercise that aims at making the hips more flexible, adding power to your kicks. 

You should stand very erect for this work out and take a dumbbell in your hand bringing it in front of your chest. Sit down so that your thighs are parallel to the floor with knees pointing forward. Press your weight back into your heels gradually pushing your heels in the ground at the front. Repeat this set at least ten to fifteen minutes to improve your endurance. 

  1. Single leg bound – A soccer player should be well versed with the landing technique. It keeps ankles, knees, and hamstrings much stronger and the chances of injury is reduced considerably.

You can start with your right leg. Keep your knees bent. Bend towards left and while exhaling during the jump, try landing on the left leg with knees bent in the same fashion. This helps you in maintaining the balance. Similar to any workout, repeat it ten times and then switch the legs and repeat it again. 

  1. Ladder Shuffle – Players of most of the physical sport include agility ladder drills to improve speed, balance, and footwork. To start with, stand facing your right to the end of the agility ladder. In quick succession, step the right foot followed by the left foot into the square to the right. Repeat the same steps moving a square to the right. When you reach the end of the ladder ask your friend to throw a ball to you and vice versa. Repeat this shuffle, moving to the left, and leading with your left foot and go to the start. Do this at least ten times. Remember to get the maximum benefits of this workout by doing it at a very fast pace. 


When done diligently and with a free mind, Web.com Reviews feels that such a workout routine is more fun to do and will be welcomed by all the soccer players. Of course, it would also improve your skill set too.


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