• 16th June 2024

What Happens If You Do Not Replace a Missing Back Tooth?

If you have a missing tooth at the back, which is not noticeable, you are tempted to avoid replacing it. It is the high cost of dental implants that makes you think twice. No one can see that missing tooth, so you find it unnecessary to fill the gap. Unfortunately, this is bad and dangerous reasoning because not replacing the missing back tooth will trigger some grave outcomes.

Replacing the missing back tooth that was damaged or extracted because of tooth decay or gum disease can be beneficial in many ways.

If you ignore then the outcomes are –

Dental drift

Slight teeth movement is normal and it takes years. So, you can say teeth have a natural capacity to move. If there is a missing tooth then the moving process is drastically accelerated. This happens because one tooth is a placeholder for its adjoining counterpart. If one is misplaced the adjoining teeth start drifting out of their original place. Eventually, dental drift causes misaligned bites.

If you have a missing tooth at the bottom then the tooth situated directly above can even over-erupt. It means it can extend too far from the gum line. Over-eruption can reach a point and the tooth loses its proper functional capabilities and needs to be pulled out.

Tooth removal sounds frightening for many sufferers. At Orion Dental Specialties, sedation dentistry is recommended for anxious patients, so that the oral surgeon can work comfortably and the patient can feel relaxed during a dental procedure.

Challenges while eating

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The back teeth are responsible for chewing and if one goes missing then you start chewing on another side rather than distributing the food evenly in the mouth. Over time, this practice can put excessive strain on the chewing side while the muscles on the non-chewing side weaken.

Another challenge is the collection of food debris in the space of the missing tooth. This can irritate the gum tissue and increase the risk of infection.

Change in facial appearance

How can a missing back tooth impact your facial appearance? It can because after the tooth goes missing, the bone that supported it starts to deteriorate. The size of the bone shrinks to a point giving your face a sunken appearance. The issue is prominent in people with multiple missing teeth, but one tooth also causes bone loss.

Even if the tooth is not noticeable, you will lack confidence in smiling or talking. Therefore, plan a visit to the dental clinic and discuss your issue with the dentist.

Best missing teeth solution

Replace the back molar with a dental implant because it is a permanent solution. The implants function and look like your natural teeth. A bridge or crown is also an effective solution but there are some drawbacks.

For example, your surrounding teeth can decay and there is a need to have crown or bridge replacement in the future. You will not enjoy the natural tooth feel, appearance, and biting force.

Implants are an ideal solution as it resolves the risks and complications associated with missing molar and protect your oral health. With a permanent solution and proper oral hygiene practice, you will not need to look for an emergency dentist!

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